Akshay Kumar Shares An Important Parenting Lesson: Start Early

Most of us know actor Akshay Kumar as a health conscious, fit actor who works hard to get into the soul of the characters he plays on screen. Undoubtedly, the best role he plays in real life is the one of a doting father to his kids, Aarav and Nitara.


Recently, the actor shared a video of daughter Nitara on Instagram and it had a great parenting lesson to go with it.

Little Nitara is in her grey pyjamas and she seems to be working out in the video, which was shot on a Sunday morning!


Akshay Kumar captioned the video as, “Kids tend to pick up what they see...start early and try to set a good example.

Great parenting. Active kids. #FitIndia"


We often complain about wanting to lose weight, get fit and healthier, start a hobby, clean that corner, but many of us feel too lazy to just get up and move, especially on a Sunday. And as Akshay Kumar pointed it rightly, children emulate us, so if we get a lazy teen later on, we are partly to blame!


Exercise, healthy eating and proper sleep are key to keep the body and mind healthy. The mantra early to bed, early to rise holds true and it's only when we start early, will our kids get into the habit.


Here are few tips to set a healthy routine for kids.


Follow a routine

Have a schedule and stick to it, even on weekends. Children get used to routines quickly, so setting timings will help them settle in early for bed.


Try not to push bedtimes

The most crucial factor about routine is having an early bedtime. If we stay up late or have too many late night outings, children end up having late nights as well, and this is not great for their growth.

Wind down before bed

If the kids “just don't seem to sleep early,” then try to include an hour's worth of outdoor playtime, early dinner and no gadgets before bed. A warm bath, a light massage or a bedtime story will get them ready for slumberland.


We need to change as well

Having said all of the above, we need to follow a healthy lifestyle and routine as well. It will turn out to be good for the entire family.


A healthy family is a happy family. So start a early, start surely, and share your experiences with us!


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from timesnownews


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