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  • Ranbir Kapoor Reveals That Alia Bhatt Is The Overstressed Parent: How Exactly Can You Cope With New Mum Stress?
Ranbir Kapoor Reveals That Alia Bhatt Is The Overstressed Parent: How Exactly Can You Cope With New Mum Stress?

Ranbir Kapoor Reveals That Alia Bhatt Is The Overstressed Parent: How Exactly Can You Cope With New Mum Stress?

16 Mar 2023 | 6 min Read

Sudeshna Chakravarti

Author | 799 Articles

Bollywood actors, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been on cloud nine since they embraced parenthood in November 2022. The new parents have never missed a chance to talk about their baby girl Raha in interviews and share how their parenthood journey has been so far. They have also been candid about the challenges that they have been facing, and recently Ranbir revealed that Alia is dealing with the new mum stress.

The new dad, who recently made an appearance on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s talk show What Women Want to promote his newly-released film, Tu Jhooti Mai Makkaar also talked about how it felt to hold Raha for the first time, and who is the more chill parent among the two.

On Holding His Daughter For The First Time

During the interview, Bebo asked her cousin Ranbir, how it felt when he held Raha in his arms for the first time. To this, the new dad replied, “I got to hold her the moment the umbilical cord was cut. That will always remain a very big core memory of my life. In fact, that was like a 7000 stars moment for me.”

On His Parenting Style

Ranbir also talked at length about his parenting style, and the values he wanted to instill in his daughter. He went on to reveal that the parenting style of his dad, the late Rishi Kapoor was strict, but it was focused heavily on family values.

Ranbir said, “He wanted the family to be always together. He was strict and we were not on buddy terms. But the family values that he has instilled in me and my sister, I want to pass that on to my daughter Raha.”

On Alia’s New Mum Stress And Him Being The Chill Dad

At the talk show, Kareena also asked Ranbir to reveal who was the more chill parent. She asked him, “Hypothetically speaking if Raha were to catch a cold at school, I think you’d go completely crazy. To this Ranbir replied, “ Alia is the overstressed parent. She is always stressed. So I have to be that calming factor for them.”

The new dad also said, “I feel that sometimes we are a bit overprotective about our children, and tell them don’t do this or that, or don’t meet new people. But I think the easier you are with it, your child will adapt better, and their immunity will also get stronger as they turn older.”

Ranbir ended by saying, “I don’t think that we should be this overprotective, because then the baby will suffer in the future. So I am a chill dad in that way.”

As you already know, there’s nothing that can prepare you for life as a new parent. Plus, welcoming a baby is a huge transition, and it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed at times. 

But it is also vital to take care of yourself during this time because your health directly affects your baby’s well-being too. We have discussed some strategies that you can try when you are feeling the new mum stress. Make sure to follow them, and trust us, things will start to get easier with time. 

4 Ways To Cope With The New Mum Stress

Get Help From Friends And Family

It’s likely that your loved ones will ask if you need help with anything. Don’t be afraid to speak up and seek help for basic newborn care needs and get some rest during that time. 

Also, be willing to let people help you with a few household chores or watch your baby. Holding your baby while you take a shower, or putting the dishes away while you rest on the couch can mean a lot when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Find Your Tribe

If you ask fellow mums what was the one thing that helped them through their child’s infant years, they will give you the same answer: support!

While your friends and family can offer you lots of support, there’s something about finding and communicating with other mums who are in the thick of it, right along with you. Hence, find support groups, either online or in-person, and discuss your worries and concerns with them. You will also be able to receive helpful advice from them that can further make your transition to mumhood easier.

Make Time For Yourself And Exercise

Amid all the chaos, you need to ensure that you are taking sufficient time out for yourself and indulging in self-care activities to enhance your well-being.

If your doctor has given you a go-ahead on exercising, then start with a mild workout routine to regain your strength and relieve your body aches and pains. You can also consider going on a walk with your baby to the nearest park. Spending a little bit of time in nature can instantly boost your mood and improve your energy levels.

Watch Out For Signs Of Stress And Anxiety

Many people may tell you that the initial days as a new mum is going to be the most magical time of your life. But in reality, many new mums undergo feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and experience baby blues after their child’s birth.

This is why you should keep a watch on your symptoms so that you can seek timely help for postpartum depression and improve your mental well-being.


We hope that with time Alia is able to overcome the stress of caring for her baby and enjoy her parenthood days to the fullest. If you are experiencing new mum stress, we recommend you try the strategies that we have discussed above to make things a tad bit easier for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek help when needed, and find supportive communities that can help you through this journey.

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