These Things Helped A Mom Get Over Postpartum Depression

These Things Helped A Mom Get Over Postpartum Depression

For the whole nine months, I was waiting to hold my baby in my arms, to see her beautiful face, tiny hands, and feet and to be a mom. Then why I suffered from PPD (Postpartum Depression).


Many new moms suffer from this depression and it’s completely natural due to multiple hormonal changes. Just make sure you have to overcome it as soon as possible to take good care of your baby and yourself.


The things which helped me get over PPD are:

1) Husband is the best medicine. Let him know about it before giving birth. Ask him to spend more  time with you and baby and To take care of the baby when you need some sleep.
2) Sunlight, fresh air, and some fresh flowers. It creates a good ambiance.
3) Skin to Skin with the baby. Yes, it helps mom to adjust in this roller coaster ride she is now part of.
4) Hot baths to get over all the pains and to freshen you up.
5) Eat healthy not boring. Food plays an important role in it. Food is happiness.
6) Talk someone close to your heart about all the things you are facing. It will make you feel light.

It took me 15 days to get over PPD completely. And I’m a happy momma to a  4 months old now :)


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