Why Kids Should Be Raised To Be Independent Thinkers?

Why Kids Should Be Raised To Be Independent Thinkers?

Imagine your kids going out into the world. Let us say, they have grown enough to go to college. Everything would be so new and exciting for them. Everything is going perfectly fine for them. However, parents are worried. We pray that our children make the right choices. How can we be sure about it? By making our children as independent thinkers. Right choices are made when the children can analyze the situations, come to the conclusions and then take decisions. Independent thinking enables children to do all these.


Our society is more concerned about ‘getting along’, than ‘getting it right.’ Knowingly or unknowingly we expect our kids to do the same. When we do not encourage independent thinking in children, they tend to follow the herd than taking the lead. They stay stuck even in unwanted situations because  they don’t know  how to be a free thinker and take the right decision.



When children ‘follow’ the crowd, their most profound ability of independent thinking, is underdeveloped.

The results of this are frightening.

1) Children fail to respect conflicting thoughts.
2) When things are imposed on children, they believe that this is the right way to make things happen. Eventually, they end up imitating the same in their future.
3) They lack confidence and become submissive.
4) Sometimes, they also get into the wrong company and do improper things to fit in.


Parents can’t be there with the children all the time. This is a nightmare for some parents. Result? Children who are used to being told what to do and what not to do, hesitate to take actions and stay stuck if they find themselves in uncomfortable situations. They freeze when they have to make tough choices in such situations.


The inability to be an independent thinker can cause some severe damage to the life of the children.


Let us now look at the pros of bringing up our kids as independent thinkers.

1) Teaching children to be an independent thinker will help them retain their unique individuality and encourage them to be a leader.

2) Independent thinking leads to a wholesome decision-making process through the process of logical reasoning.


  • Why I should do this?
  • Why I shouldn’t do this?
  • How will it affect me?
  • What can be the consequences if I do that?


Once children understand and ask these questions to themselves, they will make the right choices for themselves.


3) It makes it easy for them to stay away from nasty addictions like alcohol, drugs or even bad company. They do not worry about fitting in, because they know what is apt for them.


4) Their confidence to take responsibility for their life is boosted. They do not resort to pleasing people for narrow gains because they know who they are (a sum total of their values, their loved ones, and their self-vision) and what they need to do.


5) Last but not least, they learn to move on. Isn’t this incredibly important?


Small little steps by the parents towards making their kids independent thinkers makes a huge difference in their children’s lives.

Share with them how you are an independent thinker. Tell them about your experiences with independent thinking. Extoll upon your right and wrong decisions. Update them about what were the adverse consequences of your independent thinking and how did you handle it.


These sharings are not as difficult as you think it might be. Just fifteen minutes of conversation a week and you will see the changes.

Nurturing independent thinking is a key to raise brave, happy and super-successful children. Today’s chaotic world demands independent thinking and we cannot keep our children unaware about it.


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