Is Your Packaged Food Safe?

In today’s changing times the food industry has advanced by leaps and bounds , providing various kinds of varieties for the customer. Previously the options were only limited to food that was freshly available with a high perishable rate. At present , with technology those food items can be preserved for months to even a couple of years without the fear of it turning rotten and stale. However, the question remains … “how safe are these food items ?”

People usually can’t reason the actual difference between natural and organic food, they believe that both these are just the same. However, it is mistaken. If you compare organic and natural from their origin point there is an actual difference between the two.

Firstly, let us understand what essentially is organic food and natural food.

Organic foods are produced, manufactured and handled using organic methods which are monitored under strict government standards. The products bearing the organic label are produced without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetic engineering or other excluded practices, sewage sludge, or radiation.

Natural foods, on the other hand, refers to those products that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. These originate from plants and animals.

Hence, a natural food item is not necessarily organic and vice versa.

 Organic versus Natural food    
   Organic  Natural
 Food Demand  There is added demand for organic food as the seals are guaranteed and   monitored by the government.  There is minimal demand for natural foods.
 Health Benefits  Assists in boosting antioxidants in the body. But, demand is still less.  Natural foods are not processed which enables them to   retain their health benefit.
 Price  Higher priced than the usual product available in the market , as  the raw   materials are processed without any chemicals. The product undergoes   various levels of  government scrutiny before the final output.  Nominal rate as synthetic methods of production are not used.

Effects of food preservation on health


It is a known fact that excessive consumption of preservatives could lead to long term health issues. The major side effects of preservatives are:

  • One of the possible harmful effects of preservatives could be a trigger for breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Preservatives can cause problems within young children like hyperactive behaviour.
  • Sustained and excessive consumption of artificial preservatives can weaken the heart tissues which are dangerous especially for the aged.
  • Some foods which have preservatives could contain BHA and BHT food additives which could be cancer causing. BHT is used in cereals and fats while BHA is present in potatoes, meats and other baked goods.
  • Preservatives could cause obesity in some as it contains fatty acids especially in processed foods.


It is challenging to avoid preservatives from foods completely , however with the consumer being aware of the product consumed , these can be limited to just the necessary foods.
With the growing popularity of organic foods in the market and the increase of knowledge regarding organic products and its benefits . There is a conscious effort made by the customer to live a healthier life.

One such company which manufactures and produces organic foods is Madon Pure Foods with an experience of over 14 years in the organic industry. They believe in the concept of “farm to table”. Their products are exported worldwide with a mindful focus on the quality, consistency and fair trade practices that are involved in the manufacturing process of their products. Their vision is to encourage healthy eating and make it readily available for the consumer.

They believe in tag line of #HealthyTodayHappyTomorrow not only for children but for adults as well which they have portrayed through their product of Wise Crack snacks .

It is extremely important to make right and informed choices when it comes to the food that goes on your plate. After all, it determines your health and in turn, your overall wellbeing.


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Joy Majumdar

I wish I knew this before

Revati Khutwad

It's never too late 😊😊

Willi C

Today processed food is one of the main problems existing in the food industry. Earlier foods available were natural and fresh. Only problem is that it has a very low shelf life. We have to use them within the few days of purchasing. Later refrigerators was introduces. It has helped to improve the shelf life of foods. But things did not stop with that. People went on to discover the chemicals that can preserve months and years. Initially it was found very useful by the people. But later it has become cause of much disease which is acute. All the food items which come as packed food use preservatives. Main content of them are the chemicals. These chemicals result in long term diseases like the cancer and lung problems. Apart from this fruits available today cannot be completely trusted upon. Lot of chemicals is used at the initial stages of plant growth. After the fruits get ripe, it is sprayed with a number of chemicals for the purpose of preserving it. We buy these fruits thinking it as fresh. Not only fruits, items like cereals, vegetables are also subjected to chemical use. But no action is taken by government against. This practice should be stopped. Otherwise it will cause the people to suffer.
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