How To Be Ready For Delivery

How To Be Ready For Delivery

Pregnancy can times be daunting at times, especially when you think of shopping and going around. When I was nearing my delivery due date, I was totally insecure and apprehensive as what should I buy and carry with me to the hospital. My husband and I started asking the doctor, the nursing staff and everyone possible because everyone tells you a different set of stuff. So here I'm compiling some things which are really essential and hope this post helps all the 1st timers or rather anyone in need of it.


What to shop and when to shop:


There are always a lot of myths surrounding the stuff you need to buy for your baby and for yourself. But go ahead it's your baby, I bought a few clothes, new baby diapers, wraps, and some small stuff all new and didn't borrow used clothes from anyone. All you will need to do it water wash them and you can use a mild antiseptic solution. Make sure you rinse well, as the baby's skin is very reactive so you need have washed every drop of that liquid out. Dry them in a properly ventilated area. For yourself, you will need to buy nursing bras. Make sure it's cotton, nonpadded, non wired and the fit is comfortable. Wash them too and keep them ready. Your fit may slightly change after delivery, so ensure you buy the right size. I honestly didn't know that maternity panties existed until I was running out of panties to wear and cried to my friend who suggested them to me. If you're going for a C section, you will need what you call the C section panty which will be high rise and won't interfere with your stitches. If you're expecting a normal delivery, you will need panties bigger than your regular size as immediately you won't fit back into your previous ones. You can choose to shop a few weeks before your due date. Keep your baby stuff ready like soaps, massage oils, and shampoo.


What to pack:


Most private hospitals will provide you with Gowns and the baby is dressed in their own clothing until your discharge... If you have a normal/c section delivery, you will be given adult diapers for the initial 2-3 days as you will have extensive bleeding. In a normal delivery, you will be asked to switch to panty and pad post the third day. So you will need an ample amount of pads because the bleeding can go on for a month to 40 days. You might need to carry a towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, a hand towel, some tissues, one set of clothes for yourself and your baby to dress up for after discharge. You can check with your hospital about the clothes part. Ideally pack the bag a little in advance, so that you are not in a rush at the last moment. Keep all your files and prescriptions handy and ready. There can be a lot of questioning and answer amidst the pain and chaos you will be going through. I did my packing to ensure all that I needed came to the hospital and I didn't have to keep telling people around me that something is missing. But still, there was stuff I needed and was missing if which I had no knowledge.


Hope this is of help. And I would appreciate any inputs and additions to the post.


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