Beat Your Pregnancy Blues With Desi A2 Cow Ghee

Beat Your Pregnancy Blues With Desi A2 Cow Ghee

A woman plays various roles in her entire lifespan. A majority of the time, these roles coalesce, like being a working woman and a mother of her child. However, the journey that requires the most attention and energy is that of a soon-to-be mom.


Nothing compares to the moment of happiness that follows over the news of a baby on the way. It is the beginning of the life-long adventure of motherhood. It also feels like a wonderful place to be considering that you take proper care of yourself. However, it doesn’t go unnoticed that pregnancy is a rollercoaster, especially for newbie moms.


Even a healthy pregnancy is often accompanied by physical as well as mental challenges, thanks to the mechanics of our body. However, this isn’t just true during the time that you’re carrying life within you. Postpartum, a woman’s entire system goes for a toss. It’s almost as if you have a new and unknown system. In addition, there is constant pressure to be a good mother to your little one.


During both of these phases, a well-balanced diet plays a vital role as most women face those ‘pregnancy blues’. There are some dishes that may disgust you even if it’s beneficial for a healthy pregnancy and some that you crave beyond control. In the midst of that indecision, you need an ingredient that makes any food for pregnant women irresistible. Pure desi cow ghee, like Amrut Ghee, is the one thing that holds it all in.


One spoon of ghee in your diet is like a savior during pregnancy blues and postpartum. It has been consumed a lot by the past generations of Indian and passed on to their children as well. With some Indian families, the moment they hear the news of a pregnancy in the family, a jar of ghee is handed directly to them, owing to tradition. I savored ghee during my pregnancy period, and it worked wonders at the time.

Myths surrounding ghee as pregnancy food

There has been an extended debate over the advantages and disadvantages of ghee for pregnant women. Some of them have not been scientifically proven. Then, again, there are many women in the world who eat ghee during pregnancy.


One of the most common myths with pure desi ghee, not just during pregnancy but otherwise as well, is that it makes you fat. When you are ‘with child’, you tend to gain weight because of a little extra eating. However, consuming ghee in your diet doesn’t contribute to your weight gain. Ghee is known to have good fats. Good fats represent High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) which absorb or dissolve the bad fats that contribute to heart diseases.


Therefore, consuming one spoon of ghee even twice a day would not lead to any form of excessive weight gain. However, like most things in life, if you go overboard, it will lead to obesity and other issues.


Another common supposed myth is that ghee helps with a smooth delivery. This has not been scientifically proven yet, but there are many moms out there who consumed pure desi ghee during their pregnancy and can vouch for it despite what facts dictate. Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, who recently gave birth to Taimur, also endorses pure desi ghee and says that it was the reason she had a smooth delivery.


However, it’s not just about smooth delivery. It’s about the total well-being of you and your baby. It’s about a healthy pregnancy. Women in Indian families have been eating it for generations. Why not give it a try?


Ayurveda vouches for ghee during pregnancy

Do you still feel that celebrities consuming ghee is not enough to convince you? There’s another advocate which is pro-ghee as food for pregnant women - Ayurveda. Based on the Charaka Samhita, an ancient centuries-old Ayurvedic text says, ‘Out of all oils fit for human consumption, ghee is the best to eat.’ For centuries, Ayurveda has stressed on the consumption of ghee over any other form of oil and fat and our ancestors followed it religiously.


It’s no surprise why Ayurveda speaks so highly of ghee. To begin with, ghee has a unique flavor. It is nutty, creamy, grainy, and smooth. But, most of all, it is highly nutritious. According to Ayurveda, ghee during pregnancy heals and repairs your organs, which expand to develop the baby within the womb while simultaneously repairing tissues, flushing out toxins, boosting the immune system and also reduce the effects of aging.


Ayurveda further suggests that pregnant women should consume ghee regularly; at least 7-8 spoons. It also has a magic elixir for your pregnancy blues. A glass of milk with one tablespoon of ghee along with sweets herbs like licorice and Shatavari, when taken on an empty stomach, has a soothing effect, makes for a great pregnancy food and gives you the necessary energy to beat pregnancy blues.

Benefits of ghee consuming during pregnancy and postpartum

We’re aware of the benefits, and here are some of them:


Aids digestion

With a changing body comes a change in the way your digestive system works. There may be some foods which you would consume easily earlier, but now it doesn’t seem to stay in your stomach. Ghee contains butyric acid, a good fatty acid to aid with digestion. Add a dollop of ghee with your favourite food, and consume it guilt-free.


Boosts metabolism

During pregnancy and the time after, your energy levels aren’t at their peak points. Especially the time post-delivery is where your body is at its weakest point. Ghee plays a vital role to make up for that energy. It will keep most health issues at bay and also combat obesity, diabetes, and PCOD amongst other problems.


Enhances the baby’s development

The development of the baby while in the womb is as crucial as the time after the child is born. According to research, you need about 300 calories more during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Adding ghee to your diet will not only compensate for those required calories but will further boost the baby’s development.


Adds flavor to the food

Ghee with other foods enhances the taste of the dish, especially when you are facing the ‘I don't feel like eating anything’ phase in pregnancy. Ghee can be added to roti, dal, vegetables, laddoos, and other yummy desserts.


Ghee is THE Superfood

Owing to the multiple benefits of ghee, it has been dubbed as the superfood as its combination with other foods makes a super combination as well as boosts nutrition. Milk with pure desi ghee, like Amrut Ghee, is a classic healthy blend and easily available in your household. Milk is the powerhouse of calcium, and ghee, energy. As the baby grows, the mother needs this magic potion to ensure that she and the baby are in good health. It also acts a the fuel necessary for the smooth functioning of your body during this particular time in  your life.


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