DIY-Color Sorting Activity For Your Toddler

Color Sorting


This DIY activity will help your toddler


  • Develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Improve problem solving skills.
  • Help in sensory play by means of picking balls and placing in the right order.
  • Keeps your child engaged for more time.



  • Cardboard
  • Balls
  • Marker
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Scissors
  • Spoon


Steps to Make and Play


  • Take a cardboard and draw 3-4 ice cream cones and cut the scoops apart.
  • Now mount another cardboard to hold the balls.
  • Stick ice cream sticks to the cardboard and use different color combinations.
  • Help your little one to pick the ball with ladle or spoon and follow the color combinations with the popsicle.


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