Tips For Mothers To Take A Quick Shower With A Baby Around

Tips For Mothers To Take A Quick Shower With A Baby Around

How every parent wished they were the Duke and Duchess or Meghan and Harry who have the privilege of an entire village to take care of their royal baby. Going for long showers would never be a worry or a thought of concern for the duchess of cambridge. Unfortunately, how to go for a shower in the presence of a baby when you are all by yourself in the house, is the biggest challenge a mother faces as a new parent or a toddler parent.


Let us help you with some tips that can give you some peaceful  time in the shower while you are the only care giver of your prince louis.


Pick Morning Hours


Babies generally tend to nap for long in the morning especially if they are early risers or after their bath. Fix this time to run that hot water and relax yourself with a clean shower. If your baby is a little grown up, rolls and turns or is an active toddler, don’t forget to turn off the water every now and then to hear out for those baby sounds.


Wait for a Family Member


What if you are not born in a royal family, your spouse can always make you feel like a queen. While your spouse is still getting ready to step out for work, make use of his presence for a quick shower while he babysits. This saves your time in the day for other chores.


Use a Car Seat


If your baby is awake and is no where close to falling asleep, fasten him in his car seat or a low level swing and keep it in the bathroom while you keep conversing with the baby. You like it or not, babies love to giggle and talk when the mother is in shower.


Playmat Fun


If your baby is big enough to sit, then place him on a play mat in the bathroom away from shower and stack some toys in the shower area. While you are washing your hair, keep giving a toy in frequent intervals to keep the baby busy.


Take your baby in shower


If you have gone beyond the tolerance of your own stink and your baby disagrees to cooperate, it is better to take the baby along in shower. Make sure you don’t get into a cold shower. There are carriers in which you can carry your baby that allow your hands to be free to wash yourself well. If your baby is bigger, you can let him or her play in the shower with toys.


Babies have a window of a max of 20 minutes wherein they can be engaged. Beyond this they tend to loose patience. Showering and bathing is your personal hygiene factor. You can probably push your hair wash to weekends when you have a family member to take care of your baby. This way you will get to experience those little moments when you will feel like the duchess of sussex. Also be ready to feel clean with frequent ‘wash your face’ routine till you find that steady settled time for a long shower. Remember babies don’t mind  if you are dirty. Your stink is your problem, not theirs!


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