How To Deal With Morning Sickness

How To Deal With Morning Sickness

My name is Dr. Siddhesh Iyer and I'm a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist. I did my MBBS from Grant Medical College, J J Hospital. I then did my D&B from Bhagwati Hospital. I'm also a Member of Royal College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, London. I have been practicing since 2009 and have my own set up at Kurupwadi, Borivali.


How to avoid morning sickness?

Morning sickness happens due to increase in pregnancy hormones like progesterone. The nausea peaks by 8-10 weeks and subsides by 14 weeks.

Avoid food that causes nausea. Take small meals and snacks at frequent intervals. Avoid foods with fat and spice.


I'm 3 months pregnant. What should I do to overcome vomiting?

Fried food is a strict no. If vomiting is excessive then consult your doctor for prescription.


I'm 5 months pregnant and still experience nausea.

Visit your doctor and checked for possible infection. Get a sonography to check if twins are there which is cause of excess hormonal imbalance. Exercise and maintain healthy diet.

If you have hyperemesis (vomiting triggered even when you drink water) then inform your doctor immediately. Eat raisins and dates which have sugar and high fiber. It will help to improve your condition. Sometimes iron tablets trigger nausea. If that's the case then ask your doctor to prescribe something suitable to your case.


I'm 34 weeks pregnant and experience vomiting.

In the later stages of pregnancy the stomach gets cramped so vomiting occurs because of acid reflux. You can consult your doctor if it's more.


Which vegetables should be avoided during pregnancy?

Not vegetables, but papaya and pineapple affect the growth of body so its better to avoid.


I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I don't experience vomiting. Is this normal?

Don't worry. You're among the lucky 20% who don't experience morning sickness.


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and experience burning sensation in chest.

The primary cause is acidity. Check your diet and consult your doctor.



How to overcome loss of appetite.

Even if you don't feel hungry keep eating small amounts every 2 hours. You can eat biscuits and dry fruits in between meals. Raisins and dates are known to improve appetite.


When should Ultrasound scan be carried out?

Ultrasound is done in the first trimester. This is also called dating scan and is done to check health of mother and baby. It is also informs doctors if baby is in fallopian tube or if there are twins.


How to improve low haemoglobin levels?

Dilution is normal physiological change during pregnancy. Take medicines. Eat singdana chikki, pomegranate, red meat and foods red in colour.


I'm 8 months pregnant and frequently experience acidity.

You can take antacids. Try to eat small morsels especially while eating rice.


I'm experiencing nausea post miscarriage.

Visit your doctor for an internal check up. Sonography may be required to check uterine health. Maintain healthy diet.


What tests are to be done during pregnancy?

Haemoglobin, blood pressure, thyroid and sugar levels should be checked. Apart from this urine test is to be done. Ultrasound is done to confirm proper position of baby and to check for congenital anomalies.


I'm 9 months pregnant and experiencing weakness.

This is quite normal. Rest as much as possible. Drink plenty of water. Maintain nutritious diet.


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and observed some bleeding.

Get a check up done by your doctor immediately. Sonography may be required. Take rest.


What medicines are safe to be taken during pregnancy?

All medicines must be taken after consultation with doctor. Only folic acid can be bought over the counter. Self medication may affect baby's growth.


How to divert mind from nauseous feeling?

Talk to loved ones. Catch up with friends. Take walks.


I checked for pregnancy using a test strip. One line was bright while other was not. What does that mean?

It could be early pregnancy. It might also signify tube pregnancy.  Get checked by local gynecologist. Sonography may be required.


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