Some Natural Tips To Control Pains During & After Pregnancy

Some Natural Tips To Control Pains During & After Pregnancy

Some Natural TIps To Control Pains During & After Pregnancy


I am Dr. Pratibha Gulati. I am a physical therapist, lactation counselor and postpartum counselor. I have 10 years of experience. I'm a CAPA certified childbirth educator since more than 6 years. I hold regular group, individual and even online sessions to help in the journey of  pregnancy. I advise on exercises, breathing and relaxation, posture care, postnatal care,lactation and diet. I don't give advice on medicines only natural care.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have back pain.

If it's lower back then posture of sleeping should be corrected. Due  to increasing weight of the foetus backbone develops curvature. Posture should be taken care of.


I'm 5 months pregnant and often experience shivering in my leg.

This could be due to water retention. You should also get your blood pressure checked. Rest your legs on pillows while sleeping.


I'm 8 months pregnant. What should be done for normal delivery?

There are lots of exercises from 8th month onwards which can be practiced for normal delivery. Butterfly, bridging and squatting exercises should be done under trained supervision. Practice breathing exercises to calm mind and concentrate on labour during delivery.


I'm 3 months pregnant. What diet should I follow?

As baby's size increases your diet should include high protein sources like chicken, fish, broccoli, soya, paneer and tofu to help body support bone and muscle demands. From 3rd to 6th month baby develops eyes, bones and tissues. To support this development consume omega-3 which is available in various forms like capsules or naturally in fish.


How to reduce labour pain and overcome fear?

Prepare body and mind from the very beginning for a normal easy delivery. Practice calming exercises. You can visit me at my clinic for detailed sessions on acupressure and breathing techniques.


I have severe backache. What can I do for relief?

If severe backache then the weight can be rapidly increasing. Diet and posture should also be checked. Wear comfortable footwear and practice back stretching exercises. Place a moist warm towel under your back while sleeping. Posture while sitting, lying and walking should be correct. Otherwise backaches can persist post delivery too.


What are the signs of labour?

Many women are unable to understand and differentiate between true and false signs of labour.
If pain starts as mild pinching discomfort in lower abdomen but disappears in a few hours then it's a false alarm. Relax by laying on the left side.
If pain intensity and frequency increases in lower abdomen accompanied by discharge and loose motions then it signals actual labour pain. Leakage means broken water bag which is a sure sign of labour.


I'm 9 months pregnant and it's very uncomfortable for me to sleep on any side. I also experience tingling in right arm.

By 9th month it does get difficult for body to cope. You can use a pregnancy pillow to support your sleeping position which can give you some comfort and reduce pressure on back. You can also keep one or two pillows under feet or soak them in hot water before bed.
Tingling in arm may be due to incorrect sleeping posture due to which a nerve could've been mildly compressed under pressure. To correct this, raise both arms up and then open and close fingers fast. This increases blood circulation and stops tingling.
Keep in mind that your mattress should not be too hard or too soft.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant and experience discomfort in lower body.

In between 33 to 38 weeks, the weight of the foetus increases tremendously. Avoid staircases and physical exertion. Lifting heavy objects is a strict no. You can also wear a pregnancy belt to support stomach and pelvic region. Wear comfortable clothes and practice Kegel’s exercise.


I'm 4.5 months pregnant and experience pain in waist while sleeping and discomfort while waking up.

If the pain was there before conceiving then it might be related to wrong posture. Practice back and core strengthening exercises and yoga. Don't stress your body and mind and practice calming exercises before going to bed and immediately after waking up. Your footwear should be comfortable and shouldn't have too high a heel or be extremely flat. Footwear should support the arch in your foot and be thick enough to absorb physical shock.


I'm 9 months and 9 days pregnant. What can I do for normal delivery?

The details should be learned from Obstetrician and childbirth educator. Start eating spicy food and stimulate nipples to induce healthy labour. Pineapple juice is also recommended. Practice breathing and squatting to relax cervix.


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