Top 8 Fun Things A Pregnant Woman Must Do Before Having Her Baby

Top 8 Fun Things A Pregnant Woman Must Do Before Having Her Baby

Congratulations! You are pregnant. With all those symptoms and morning sickness you must be feeling that you will never be the same anymore. You now have an attachment that will detach practically very soon but not emotionally. Before life takes a 360 degree turn, its time to have some fun. Not that life after baby is not fun, but then the world will definitely revolve more around your baby and it will be all about baby and baby needs. While you enjoy your pregnancy, experiencing the new life within you, don’t forget this “ME” time will take a few years to come back.


Once you are through with your nauseous days in  first trimester, buckle up yourself for some fun time. Let us help you with a To-Do list or Bucket List of things that you must do before your baby pops out and starts ruling your world.


1. Join a Prenatal Class


Hormones can go whacky during pregnancy. Creating a positive influence on your mind and body is very important to stay happy. What better than joining a yoga class or an aerobic class. A group exercise will not only help you develop a social circle, but also get your baby his buddies when he is out. Prenatal yoga, swimming, aqua aerobics are some forms of exercise that you must do before you have your baby. It will take few months after baby to step out and resume a fitness routine.


2. Shopping Spree


While your baby bump is still not creating that discomfort, make sure you fulfill your shopping cravings. Pamper yourself with some good maternity clothes or think about changing the upholstery of your decor. You can also do some preparatory shopping for your new baby. Go on a shopping spree with your girls gang or sisters gang. It is one of the best therapies for women.


3. Date Night or Babymoon


While you will miss on your ME time after baby, you will also miss on your Us time for quite a while. Once the baby is out, you will realise that all you talk about is baby. Go for a nice date night. Pick a high end fine dine restaurant. Mind it, budgets do get tight once you have children. Catch up on an uninterrupted movie night. Cuddle up as much as you can. Once the baby arrives, cuddling will be the last thing on your mind. Plan a babymoon. Second trimester is the best time to plan this.Spend some quality time with your spouse. This will take a back seat for at least few months or years once your baby arrives.


4. Spa time


Pamper yourself with some hairdos, makeovers and some spa time. Prenatal massage will give you relief from aches and pains and relax your mind. Enjoy reading your favourite book while getting that amazing foot massage. Try going for a couple massage or catch up with your best friend on a massage session. You will definitely feel good.


5. Girls Trip


Pregnant woman love being with their girl buddies. Why not go on a girl’s trip? You can plan a less adventurous trip in your second trimester and go for something that doesn’t require much travel and is relaxing and rejuvenating. Alternatively, you could also have girls’ parties where you can typically enjoy chit chatting, play fun games or simply gossip.


6. Photo Shoot


Making memories and capturing moments is essential. Go for a fun photo shoot. Flaunt your baby bump, get crazy and get clicked while making picture perfect poses. Go for couple photoshoot or a solo photo shoot. Your baby and you will relive these memories for a long time.


7. Binge on your cravings


Once your baby arrives, eating a peaceful meal will be a dream. Fulfill those food cravings and binge on those desserts now. Your initial pregnancy symptoms may not act in your favor but then once you are in your second and third trimester, you will have a splurge of food cravings. Don’t ignore them. Give attention to your taste buds and indulge in those lip smacking delicacies.


8. Be spontaneous


Very soon you will get into a mode where everything will have to be pre-planned.You will not be able to make many impromptu plans with a baby around. You will have loads of to dos before you step out of the house. Enjoy your pre baby phase to implement some spontaneous plans like going out for brunch, a weekend getaway, a long drive and so on.


Pregnant Women often become very cautious and conscious once they enter this phase. While it is important to be cautious and careful, nothing should stop them from having all the fun and good time in life. Having a baby is definitely a life changing phase and will obviously restrict you for good number of years. So indulge yourself into all those non kid oriented fun activities and make the best use of your Me and Us time.


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