How To Take Care Of Breast After Delivery

How To Take Care Of Breast After Delivery

Dr Aditi Agarwal

(Breast, colorectal and laparoscopic surgeon)


13 month old baby does not like  to take breast feed. There is pain in breasts. What to do?

Till 6 months it's compulsory to breastfeed. After that if the baby doesn't like and starts eating other food, you can stop. Meet your gynaecologist and discuss how to stop.


1 month and 23 days old prematurely born baby was kept in NICU and not given for feeding. So, mother's milk has reduced and very less now. Even after all sorts of home remedies and medicines there's no improvement. What to do?

You can start formula milk but don't give up so soon. Keep baby close to your breasts and feed her. Even if you feel it's less, it may not be so. You must feed very frequently. Watch how often baby passes urine. If it's 6-8 times per day and weight gain is standard then breastfeed is sufficient. Once baby starts formula milk and gets used to the sweeter taste then shows reluctance to suck breast milk. Our brain receives indirect reflex that there is no need to produce milk thus production decreases. So, keep feeding.


Baby is now 4 months old. What to do about slack breasts?

Slacking of breasts depends on the kind of bra worn. Weight of mother must return back to prior weight in a year's time. You must use proper supporting garments. If you are still not satisfied with the results then you can meet a breast surgeon and plan a surgery.


My baby is 8 months old but milk is very less. What should I do?

After top feed, by 6 months baby's desire lessens. You can just feed to support top feed.


My baby is a year old. From the very beginning I had very less milk. Baby wants feed at night but I am unable to fulfill her hunger.

Babies don't want milk in the night because of hunger. They just like the proximity and warmth of mother which is comforting. Do not bother about it and just take care of top feed and weight in proper proportion.


What should a breastfeeding mother's diet be?

Ensure your diet is nutritious and healthy. You may eat what you like but ensure diet is rich in iron and calcium. Avoid junk food. Usually male babies have lower food tolerance. For example mother eating banana in winter can cause cold in baby boy taking feed.


My baby is 20 days old. I delivered via c-section and I'm unable to sit for longer hours. Can I feed in sleeping position? Will the baby's lungs get affected?

Take pillow to support while sitting. Baby's lungs doesn't get affected. But sometimes baby's nose can get smothered accidentally which can lead to breathing problems. It is not recommended to feed such a small baby in sleeping position. Tired mothers often fall asleep and fail to realise when baby has stopped breathing.


Baby turns away face and doesn't take milk.

Stop top feed then baby will suck. When stomach is full baby will not feed. Also check if milk is sufficient or not.


I have twin babies, 5 weeks old. Milk is insufficient for both.

It is very difficult to feed sufficiently for both babies. You can take support of formula milk. Don't worry, most mothers with twin babies face this problem.


What is the ideal time for a mammography?

Ideally, you should go for a test every alternate year after 40. But if you have afam history of breast cancer from mother's side or you observe discharge or lumps in self examination then get checked immediately.



Is it ok to wear a bra at night?

It is up to your comfort. It doesn't hinder health or increase chances of breast cancer.


I delivered via c-section 5 months ago. Can I drive two wheelers now?

Yes you can. But it's best to consult your gynaecologist first.


I observed some lumps in breast during breastfeeding.

It is not to be ignored at all. Many times there's a knot due to lactation. But cases of breast cancer is very high nowadays. During pregnancy and Lactation if any lumps are observed then consult breast specialist to rule out that it is not of concern.


Does wearing bra hamper milk production?

There is no such evidence. Stress affects milk production. Bra recommended to prevent sagging of breasts.


How to clean breast while lactating?

After feeding, clean breast by wiping with soft wet cloth. Do not try to pick at dry skin around nipples. If nipples are sore from feeding then apply your own milk on them otherwise you can use a nipple shield while feeding.


My baby is 7 months old. Please recommend what foods should I feed.

Between 6 months and 1 year, train your baby to eat everything that is cooked at home and eat by adults.


My baby is 5 months old. I have sore nipples and milk is less and smelly.

Use a nipple shield while feeding. Sometimes due to soreness when you don't feed baby, the milk in glands forms a clot which further adds the pain and makes milk smelly.


My baby has loose motions and passes stool immediately after feeding. Why so?

Mother's diet matters. Chana dal, oily and fried food can cause such an issue in breastfeeding babies. Try to find the cause by restricting your diet.


My baby is 5 months old and weighs 5.5kg and experiences flatulence immediately after feeding. Baby takes feed only for 7 minutes and 12 times. If I give him enterogermina probiotics, I think he feels better.

First of all, 7 minutes is not sufficient to fill a baby's stomach at once which is why you have to feed him more number of times. Feed him from both breasts at one time. Enterogermina should not be given to such a small infant.


How to stop pain in breast after feeding?

Pain in breast post feeding is not natural. If baby's jaw has become strong or teeth are growing then it's safe to take crocin for the pain.


What type of bra should I wear while lactating?

Many mothers prefer a comfortable one. You can also opt for a feeding bra.


How to stop lactation if I'm not breastfeeding?

There are medicines available. But once you start the medicine you should not feed else the medicine will stop being effective.


Breast milk often leaks at night.

When only one side is fed then other side leaks. It will gradually stop.


What happens to breast milk if I stop feeding my baby?

When you stop feeding or your baby stops taking feed from you, the brain understands that the milk is no longer required. The amount will gradually decrease and then stop.


My baby is 6 months old. Ever since I got my periods again, breast milk has reduced. How can I increase milk?

Periods have no effect on breast milk reduction. In fact the have a reverse relationship. As long as baby is on breast milk exclusively periods may be delayed. If you give night feed then too periods might be delayed. But periods don't cause reduction in breast milk.


When I use nipple shield, baby is unable to latch onto breast and cries.

Baby takes time to get used to the shield. If nipples are small try squeezing milk after putting on shield. Baby gets used to comfort. Any change that requires effort on the baby's part is irritating for the baby. Give time to adjust otherwise you can extract milk and feed with spoon and bowl.


My baby is 6 months old and takes feed from only one breast. Because of this breasts have become uneven in size. What should I do?

Baby has now grown quite big. You should not have allowed one sided feeding from the beginning. Now baby may not change the habit. After you stop lactating both breasts will adjust in size. In general also no one has two identical sized breasts sod onto worry about unevenness.


I'm experiencing pain and tightness in breasts.

That is probably because they're full with milk. Try feeding frequently. That should provide relief.


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