Newborn Skin Care

Newborn Skin Care

My baby has redness above eyes.

It's common in newborns. As long as it's not disturbing baby with itching and irritation, it's nothing to worry.


My baby's hands and legs are turning blue after bathing. Why so?

Baby should not be exposed to excess cold water. Rub your baby's hands and legs with your palm. Consult your doctor to rule out if any infection is there.


Can I massage my 3 month  old baby with olive oil?

Newborns also feel hot in summer. Simple coconut oil is very less allergic but very cooling. It's the best to use coconut oil.


My 4 month old baby has small pimples coming on his head.

It's called cap. It occurs due to infection and dryness. Apply slight coconut oil before bathing. There should not be much oil after bathing. If these rashes are not causing irritation not to worry. If the dry flecks are falling off and can go into the eyes then show your doctor.


My baby has got boils in the skin folds of neck and on the head.

If boils are filled with pus then it can be infection and needs to be shown to doctor. These areas must be kept clean as sweat accumulates there. Do not keep baby overly wrapped. Keem baby comfortably clothed.Feed well to keep baby hydrated. Use hypoallergenic PH friendly skin products for baby.Avoid talcum powder.


Which lotion is good for baby?

It should be paraben free with less fragrance.


Can I use powder for baby?

If you want to use powder then it should be medicated and apply only around genital area.


My baby has dry skin. What should I do?

Apply a good moisturizer 2-3 times a day.


My baby has congenital hypothyroidism due to which skin is very dry.

Congenital hypothyroidism causes skin thickness and dryness. Keep applying moisturizer.


Should I apply moisturizer to baby in summer?

Yes. Infants need moisturizer in summer too as they dehydrate soon. Keep baby well hydrated.


My 2 month old baby has small pimple like boils all over the body.

Infantile acne is common. It appears on the lower chin and face. It happens if ducts get blocked. Since it is all over body, check with doctor to rule out if it's any bacterial growth.


My baby is 18 days old. Doctor has asked not to apply oil, soap or kajal till baby turns 2 months. Can I use now?

You can use oil and soap now but do not use kajal at all, not even homemade.


My 4 month old baby has itching in head and gets rashes after bath.

Itching in head is common. It will go away. Use soft comb for baby's scalp. Please recheck baby soap and other products used in baby's bathing.


My baby has got sunburn on body and face. Full face is red since some days.

I need to know if baby was taken out in the sun or not. If so, then whether other exposed parts have also become red or not. Else, it could be allergy. At this tender age avoid baby's exposure to harsh sun.


Can I use ghee on baby's skin in summer? We're travelling in London. Do I need to take any special care?

If your baby's skin is really dry then you can. London is an eclectic mix of people, cultures, history & cuisines. Make sure you indulge yourself completely. Do travel to the quaint B&Bs that dot the countryside landscape while you visit the quaint little towns.

Hay on Wye is a little town which is actually a full blown book shop. You can walk into any house, browse books over tea and purchase collectables.

There's so much so please do travel whenever you can. Enjoy !


My 1 month old baby was born premature. His skin has become very dull. What to do?

Premature babies have neonatal pores. Due to various treatments done to premature babies skin colour looks dull. But it is not long term. Colour will be as per parents genetics.


My baby is 6.5 months old. How to take care of baby's face?

Some people wipe baby's face with cloth or baby wipes very often. Overdoing can damage the superficial layer of the skin. Clean only when needed. Apply moisturizer each time after cleaning.


My baby's face has got dot like small boils.

A condition called epidermal necrolysis is commonly seen in very small infants. Small white dots with redish surrounding start from the face and spread all over. Keep watch on your baby. If those dots are not painful, baby is active and taking feed then don't worry. It will go away in a while.If dots come with fever and are painful then it's warning sign.

Immediately visit doctor.

Fungal rash comes in armpits or neck fold. Keep clean and apply antifungal powder or cream.
Small tiny dots appear on the nose and genital area. Avoid tight clothes and vigorous massage.


My newborn was put under direct sun as there was some kind of jaundice. This has caused acne.

They keep coming on and off. Now my baby is 4 month old. Please suggest a solution.
Newborns face yellowness of skin or infant jaundice. To a certain level it is not dangerous. If the degree is more then phototherapy is given. This develops rashes. They are harmless and usually go away with time. Infantile acne is harmless. They don't need medication.


Which type of baby wipe to be used?

It should be alcohol free.


How long can we keep baby in diapers?

Use diapers only when needed. Between changes, genital area should be cleaned, wiped and left to dry in air. If it's not possible during travelling then use alcohol free wipes before putting next diaper. When at home use cotton nappy. Use protective creams for nappy area. The cream must have zinke oxide which protects skin.


How long after birth should we bathe our baby?

Babies come from the womb with a white thin protective layer. It protects the baby from hypothermia. Till 24 hours this layer should not be disturbed. So, no bathing, sponging or oiling till 24 hours.


My baby has white spots. What to do?

It could be. Some birthmarks become visible after a few months. Some creams for diaper rashes have steroids. Exposure to such creams can cause white patches and skin thinning.


Please elaborate about birthmarks.

Flat hemangiomas and elavated strawberry hemangiomas are types of birthmarks. Flat hemangiomas apper behind the neck and are slightly elevated. Strawberry hemangiomas are collected blood vessels and can appear anywhere on the body. They may increase till the first year and then disappear. Both these types are benign and not to be worried. Hypo-pigmentation marks are white or dark brown patches. These can be associated with neuro or brain disorder. Any birthmark must be shown to the pediatrician as soon as noticed. Hair grown in a bunch on the lower spine indicates that in future the baby may have leg function problems. Any kind of mark, no matter how small, must be shown to pediatrician.


Please suggest if 'ubtan' is good for baby's complexion.

'Ubtan' will give complication, not complexion.


What to apply around umbilical cord?

Umbilical cord is put with a clamp. You should not apply anything or tie anything too tight. It falls off on its own. If you find puss or smell then immediately report it to doctor.


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