Tips For Easy Delivery

Tips For Easy Delivery


Thoughts of child birth should not stress you. Our body is designed to undergo this natural process. Overthinking can cause stress. In some emergency situations like earthquake, many pregnant women fail to make it to the hospital. Then too they deliver because brain knows what is happening and what next to do. Your stress will make this natural process difficult and your calmness will make it a smooth process.

There are two kinds of deliveries:

1- C-section, that is cutting open the belly to remove the baby.
2- Vagina Delivery
a- Vacuum assisted
b- Forcep Assisted
c- Episiotomy ( Cut on Vagina)

Apart from these two, there's VBAC Delivery which means that the first delivery was c-section but the second was Vagina. If the first time was c-section then there 60% to 70% chances of vagina birth in the second time. The chances are taken keeping in mind the health and safety of both the mother and the baby.
Remember that pregnancy is not a disease.

What to Do for Easy birthing?

Attend childbirth education classes. Do yoga. Take  walks. Exercise to stay fit. Keep a positive mind set. Stay stress free. Practise breathing exercises which will help you during labour. If there's no complication then stay active. Eat balanced diet with sufficient amount of folic acid.

As soon as you learn about your pregnancy, go for check up, blood tests for group, sugar thyroid, HpA1 and hemoglobin.

I'm in first month of pregnancy. What to do for normal delivery?

Kegel’s exercise ( tightening and loosening of pelvic muscles), walks and yoga.


I'm in 5th month of pregnancy. Doctor said that my baby weight is less. What to do?

Stay stress free and eat nutritious food.

My hand and legs are swollen.

Check your BP.

I'm in the 9th month of pregnancy. What to do for painless natural delivery?

Natural delivery cannot be completely painless. Some pain will be there. It is important to stay calm and pass through the pain. You must prepare strengthening your body to undergo this pain. Epidural injection reduces pain but your gynaecologist will suggest only if it's needed. Remember that normal delivery is much better than c-section. You will be on your feet sooner.

If first time was c-section can the second time be normal?

After accessing your condition and your baby's condition your gynaecologist will decide.

I have not done any exercise from the beginning. Now in 9th month can I start?

Start with gentle exercises, walks and pranayama.


Post delivery my tummy still looks as if it's 5th /6th month of pregnancy.

Tummy doesn't go back to normal so soon. Besides you need to do tummy exercises. Right now you should concentrate on your diet and baby's health.


On the onset of labour what to do?

Stay active. Do not be in bed. You more you be on your feet, the easier it would become for baby to push through.


When is baby movement felt?

Baby movement will be felt after 24th week.


I'm getting frequent tummy aches.

It's not good to get frequent tummy aches in pregnancy. Go for a check up.


I'm five months pregnant with twins. My doctor has asked me not to exercise till the 8th month.

With twins inside you, you must follow whatever your doctor has suggested.


My sugar level has become high. What to do?

Go for Hba1 test and consult your gynaecologist. Reduce potatoes, rice and sugar intake.


My first born is 1.5 years now. I'm in the 4th month of second pregnancy.

Take care of yourself. Avoid lifting up your first baby. If she insists, then sit down and snuggle her.


My first two deliveries were c-section. Can the third be normal?

Yes, it can be normal but your gynaecologist will check your history and position of baby. Then only it can be confirmed.


I'm in 4th month of pregnancy. There is still vomiting.

Many face this problem till the 9th month. Avoid heavy meals. Eat small portions at frequent intervals. Drink plenty of water. You can ask your gynaecologist to prescribe medicine to stop vomiting.


I am suffering from backache.

It could be due to weakness. Take calcium and iron tablets regularly. Eat beetroots, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables.


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