Month By Month Pregnancy Care

Month By Month Pregnancy Care

Every month of pregnancy has its own associated physical changes, fetal development, aches and pains etc. As pregnancy progresses, women need to get more careful and alert. Few things they should focus on are:

  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Pains & Aches
  • Abdominal Issues like acidity and constipation
  • Medications and more.


The following transcript from a video chat with Dr. Vijaylakshmi Goel addresses these issues with all the relevant guidance.

I am Dr. Vijaylakshmi Goel, an Obstetrician with 20 years of experience. I practice at Goels Krishna Nursing Home, Dahisar.


My child is 22 months old but hasn't been able to speak.

Visit a speech therapist or pediatrician to find the cause and treat accordingly.


Is white discharge normal?

It's very common during pregnancy. If it's foul smelling then get checked by doctor.


I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Is it safe for me to travel?

Yes. Ensure that you don't tire yourself  too much or lift heavy things.


How to deal with acidity?

Have a light diet and take regular antacids.


What is the cause of burning sensation in chest?

Acidity cause such a sensation. Exercise lightly after meals to improve digestion.


What should i eat to cure constipation?

Isabgol, apples and bananas are excellent foods to cure constipation. Drink lots of water.


I'm having pain in the right side of my abdomen.

Stop eating outside food. Get it checked by doctor. It's a common experience as uterus ligaments get pulled during growth.


Which iron and calcium supplements should I take?

Visit your doctor. They can prescribe what is best for you.


I'm experiencing itching all over the body and back pain.

This is quite common during pregnancy.


I'm 8 months pregnant and my baby is in breech position. Will I be able to deliver normally?

We can only wait and watch. There's a chance the baby might turn and in that case you can deliver normally. Otherwise trust your doctor's advice.


What can I do for a safe pregnancy if I have thyroid problems?

Continue with the prescribed medication. There's a syrup called Evict. Check with doctor if it's suitable for you. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in diet.


I'm in the first trimester and my haemoglobin level is 10. Is it normal?

Normally it should be between 11-13. Regularly continue with high iron diet. After 3rd month take tablets. If there's still no improvement then take injections.


I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my baby's weight is 2.2kg. Is it normal?

The baby should weigh between 2.5 to 3.5 kg. But don't worry. There's still a few weeks for your baby to grow and if the weight gain continues at the standard rate of 50 gm/day then your baby will have healthy weight.


What medicine can I take for vomiting?

Consult your doctor. Doxinate is a safe medicine and you can take it half an hour before bedtime.


I have low blood pressure. What can I do to normalise it?

Keep eating every 2 hours. Drink salt and sugar sherbets regularly.


I'm 11 weeks pregnant and baby has no heartbeat.

Don't worry. It is too early to detect heartbeat.


What can I do for relief from back pain?

It occurs because of changes in posture and increasing weight. Us pillows for support while sleeping. If the pain is unbearable use a topical ointment.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant. The position of placenta is down and I'm experiencing bleeding. What should I do?

Placenta usually migrates towards the upper side. Go for a sonography to monitor the exact position and movement of placenta. If you try to deliver normally with the placenta downwards it can lead to heavy bleeding and cause harm to mom and baby. If the placenta is still down in a few weeks then you will have to go for c-section.


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