How To Prepare For Normal Delivery

How To Prepare For Normal Delivery

I'm Dr. Vaishali Joshi and I'm here to give some tips on easy delivery.

It is not easy giving tips on a woman's body because it is rapidly changing. Above all the generation is rapidly changing in its lifestyle which leads to difference in BMI. Our attitude towards pregnancy is also changing. There are newer gadgets, machines and technology to help in everything which develops a tendency for c-section. Firmly keeping vaginal delivery as your goal may help in achieving easy delivery.


What are the symptoms of labour?

After 7th month, you may experience a tightness in stomach which is called Braxton-Hicks contraction. Labour is just one step ahead. The pain is intense enough to stop your breathing and make you forget the present. Apart from the contraction pain another sure sign is breakage of bag and  water discharge. Discuss the signs of labour with your gynaecologist in detail.


What can I do for relief from back pain?

To accommodate the baby, back muscles and the backbone adjust a lot causing painful sensation. Ensure intake of calcium is optimal. You can also practice yoga or consult a physiotherapist for exercises.


I'm 7 months pregnant and can't feel any movements by baby.

At this stage baby is very active and moves around a lot. It also needs rest and sleep. In general the baby should move around about 10 times in a day. If that's not happening then go to doctor.


I'm 6 months pregnant and amniotic fluid is less.

If in Doppler test everything is normal then don't worry. Normal delivery is possible.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant. What foods should I eat for easy and normal delivery?

Ensure that food isn't high in fat or calories. This could affect mobility. Eat fibrous fruits and drink fluids. Attend prenatal education classes if available to help in situations which could cause you to panic. Watch YouTube LAMAZE classes. Practice exercises under guided supervision.


I'm 28 weeks pregnant. My baby's weight is 1.8kg.

It is a good weight. Sonography will explain about baby's position.


I'm 8 months pregnant. What to do for normal delivery?

Walk 30/40 minutes everyday. If you are working then try to work till 36th week. Educate yourself from certified childbirth educators. Validate all information you have from your gynaecologist.


Is white discharge normal?

It is normal. If it's foul smelling then check for infection. The discharge is more common around 9th month.


What is the rate of weight gain in pregnancy?

10-12kg is a healthy amount of weight gain. It can vary from person to person. In the first trimester you may lose 5%-10% weight but it's nothing to worry about. Maximum weight is gained in final trimester.


Can I deliver normally without medicine?

No,not without medicine. There are different ways you can alleviate the pain. Some choose to walk during labour, some others choose a waterbirth. At Cloud Nine Hospital Endenoxer gas is used to use the pain. There are injections to help reduce the pain but it can't be completely painless. Epidural injection is the best.


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have no appetite.

It is good sign of pregnancy. It indicates that baby is adjusting and growing well. Visit doctor.


Can having ghee or castor oil help normal delivery?

It's an old wives’ tale. It will increase your weight and calories. It will not grease your birth canal.


My lost my first baby during normal delivery. What are the chances of having normal delivery?

Body has already been through the process of labour. There is a good chance of normal delivery as birth canal tissue is now relaxed.


Two fibroids of 4 cm each are present in my uterus. Can I continue pregnancy and can it be healthy?

Your case is a very good example that fibroids do not cause infertility. Fibroids may increase or give pain during pregnancy. There are plenty of medications for that. Ensure you have sufficient fluid intake. Whether you can deliver normally or not can only be confirmed in 9th month. If the fibroids are towards upper part of uterus then they won't interfere with the baby's birth path. If the baby's head get engaged in birth canal it will be normal.


I'm 14 weeks pregnant and placenta is at the mouth of the baby bag. Can I deliver normally?

It is too early to say. By 40 weeks the uterus grows and placenta can move up. In the 9th month sonography is done to confirm this. Once the position of placenta is confirmed in the final trimester then only can decision on delivery be made.


Baby is in breech position. Can I deliver normally?

Nowadays people have started thinking that vaginal delivery is unsafe. Breech baby can also be born by normal delivery. In external cephalic version, baby's head is turned towards vagina with the help of sonography. But first it is important to see why baby is in that position. If it is due to less water or fibroid or space. If no such condition then using ECV baby can be turned for normal delivery.


I'm 9 months and 10 days pregnant. Sonography scans show everything is normal but I have no pain. Doctor has suggested that I get admitted.

It is good when body gives indication of labour. In 2%-5% cases, it does not happen even if everything is normal. Waiting any longer can be dangerous as baby stops growing and water dries up. There's also a chance of baby being suffocated. Artificial labour can be induced with the help of injections. So follow your doctor's advice.


I'm 9 months pregnant. Colour Doppler show cord around neck. Can it be normal delivery?

Baby and placenta are attached by the cord. While baby moves, sometimes the cord gets wrapped around the neck but it doesn't create breathing problems in baby nor any problems in normal delivery. Many times, baby moves around and the cord is naturally unwrapped from the neck. Cord around the neck is not the reason for c-section deliveries.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant and baby is in breech position. Will this affect normal delivery?

At 30 weeks, baby's size is still small eneto allow it to turn. The final position can be confirmed in the sonography of 9th month.


I'm 9 months pregnant. Ultrasound shows that baby is 3kg. Can I deliver normally?

Weight observed in ultrasound is not accurate. There's a range of 300gm for errors. Earlier the healthy weight was 2kg. But now according to international standards, 3kg is not too big for baby. You can try for normal delivery. If baby decides not to come down then that's another case.



Every pregnant woman should try for normal delivery. Household work is not exercise. You should proper fitness exercises. If you are planning for pregnancy start Healthcare routine beforehand. Do brisk walking everyday for 30-40 minutes. Try to have home-cooked meals as much as possible. For professionals who don't have time to cook, eat as healthy as possible. Once in a fortnight indulging in food is ok. Most importantly, eat correct portion sizes. Avoid having fizzy drinks or packed juices eat whole fruits to maximize fiber and intake of anti-toxins and multivitamins. Ensure that your weight gain is proper and not excessive. Extra weight does not go to baby and only becomes troublesome for later. It is not true that you should only rest throughout pregnancy. Reduce the intensity of exercise in the first trimester but resume regular exercise afterwards. Swimming is a very good exercise. In the third trimester, body gets tired very easily. You should fstill remain active. Squats, butterfly and duck walking are very good exercises for normal delivery. First time mothers have an anxiety of the unknown. There is no other way of knowing about it than delivering the baby. Anxiety is quite normal. Look at the positive side of things. Understand that you have the support of lots of people. Choose a doctor who is experienced with natural birth.


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