Prepare Your Body For Normal Delivery

Prepare Your Body For Normal Delivery


Pregnancy is in 4th month. Please guide about food and exercises for normal delivery.

30-45 minutes walk, yoga, exercise under guidance along with healthy balanced diet till the 8th month. You can take some ghee laddoos etc in the last month.


Having thyroid in pregnancy what food is to be taken?

A healthy lifestyle from the very beginning with proper diet and exercise helps to keep thyroid under check. Walk and exercise. Do not take excess salt and sugar. Get your thyroid checked every two months and be regular in taking medicines. After the 36th week start some heat foods like ghee in milk, dry fruits laddoos, papaya, kesar etc and continue this even after delivery. Your daily calories should be 2500 per day. Go for timely sonography tests.


Tips for normal delivery.

Be mentally strong, physically fit.  Visit the hospital where you will deliver. Visualise a normal delivery. There is also epidural anesthesia for painless normal delivery.


What can I do for relief from backache?

It is important to maintain correct posture and take sufficient calcium.


What can I do for coughing?

Get yourself checked. Once examined and diagnosed why and what type of cough, your doctor will give you safe medicines.


What can I do for relief for pain in lower limb?

Water retention due to less water intake causes this. Increasing water intake will ease your pain.


After how many weeks I can know that I am pregnant?

In 5th/6th week after missing your periods you can know by tests. On 6th week baby's heartbeat can be found in sonography.


What are some tips for normal delivery?

Exercises like Kegel exercise, duck walking, butterfly etc will strengthen you for a normal delivery. Join a LAMAZE class for childbirth education.

At 28th week baby weight is 1kg. Is it normal?

It's a healthy weight. Till delivery baby can grow up to 3 kg.


I wish to have sex. Is it possible in pregnancy?

First and last trimester you should not. In second trimester with your gynaecologist's permission and if placenta position is proper then you can.


At 8th month water and baby weight are less.

Water should be 10 and baby weight should be 1.3. If less than this then you must take high protein diet. By 36th /37th week it should become normal. Then only you can have a normal delivery.


What can I do for diarrhea?

Start probiotics. Visit your gynaecologist.


What can I do for vomiting?

Take dry snacks instead of heavy meals. There are injections for excess vomiting. Consult with your doctor.


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