Must Try These Nutrition Hacks For Your Growing Baby

Must Try These Nutrition Hacks For Your Growing Baby


Motherhood is wonderful but it’s also hard work. Bringing up a child not only involves managing a great deal of logistics but also requires a mother to have a good stock of energy reserves.


My daughter was born in the US. I was a working mom. After a good 12 weeks of maternity leave and full fledged support from my mom and mom-in-law, it was time to get back to work. Shuttling between motherhood and career was definitely challenging given the fact that my husband and I were pretty much on our own. This was also the time when I started introducing my baby to complementary feed along with breast milk. Initially I planned my daughter’s meal well in advance and prepared fresh purees and cereals everyday. However, there were days when things would get chaotic in terms of schedules and I would not find time to cook fresh food for my baby.



This is when I discovered USA’s number 1 food brand-Gerber foods. Food in their pouches and jars are directly sourced from organically grown farm fresh produce. It has everything that a mom looks for in her baby’s complementary feed. As a working mom, their cereals and puree pouches became an easy hack for my baby’s nutritional requirements on tough days. Be it an impromptu trip to a grocery store or an outstation trip, I could conveniently open these food jars and feed her to content. The thing about Gerber food is, they have great flavours and textures besides being extremely nutritious. An added advantage was that I could introduce my baby to variety of unseasonal fruits and vegetables through their cereals made with real fruit and mixed purees.


Their organic super healthy snacks with blend of fresh flavours and easy to feed consistency made my baby’s meal time hassle free especially during travelling. A USDA certified organic ( which means that the food has been cultivated and processed as per the set regulations), Gerber food also gave me great snacking options in the form of finger food as my baby grew into a toddler. She relished their easy to pick and eat, nutritious and flavoured finger food, sitting in her stroller while I shopped or ran my errands peacefully.



Every mom needs a break once in a while to unwind and recharge her motherhood batteries. Hacks like these work best in favour of both mom and baby when it comes to feeding nutrition of highest quality. A mom always wants to give her baby the best. While breastmilk is the best, Gerber organic adheres to every mom’s nutrition checklist for her baby. It is now available in India too!


You can buy Gerber products here.


Disclaimer: IMPORTANT – This is NOT infant Milk or Food Substitute. Mother’s milk is best. 

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