Power Supplement For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers

Power Supplement For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers

Consuming the right nutrients is important at every stage and age of life. However, nutrition plays a critical role during pregnancy since the nutritional needs increases by almost three folds.
This is something that struck me hard as a first time mom. Like every mom-to-be I too was very keen to provide the best to my growing baby. It never occurred to me that my body also required more than the regular nutrition in order to cater to my progressing pregnancy.


In one of my early consultations, my doctor explained to me that our body is not made to synthesize or make all types of nutrients in sufficient quantity. Couple of these nutrients have to be consumed through food and other supplements. Since the demand of these nutrients increases during pregnancy, my doctor immediately suggested me to start on an additional supplement in order to bridge the gaps of nutritional deficiencies. Mother's horlicks was her instant recommendation.


I remember having severe nausea in my first trimester and milk was the last thing I wanted to take on my pallette. Thanks to the flavours of Mother’s Horlicks, drinking milk was not a challenge anymore. I have reaped the benefits of Mother’s Horlicks and can swear by the same when I recommend it to my pregnant friends.


Mother’s Horlicks during pregnancy

Mothers horlicks is specially formulated to meet the increasing demand of micronutrients during pregnancy. It contains micronutrients like Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B6, B12, and D which are known to help fetal growth at every stage of pregnancy and improve baby’s birth weight.


With every progressing day and month, I could feel a difference in the way my body and my baby were growing. This meant many productive changes were happening in my baby and my baby would require more and more calories with every passing day. In pregnancy, babies take all they need from mother’s nutrition quota. Hence if a mom does not have a good intake of nutrition, she will be depleted of these nutrients in no time. Mothers horlicks contains 352kcal/100 gms of energy which helped me meet my increasing demand of energy every day.

With so many benefits in one cup of milk, I knew my baby and I were getting the best of nutrients in addition to my regular balanced diet. My little one gained a good amount of weight and was a healthy baby at birth. Needless to say, I too had a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.


Mother’s Horlicks post pregnancy

Not only during pregnancy but after birth too, a mom needs to take care of her nutrition intake, especially during the first six months after birth since the baby is completely dependant on mothers milk for his or her nutritional requirements. Nutritional demands during lactation are high and can have a negative impact on mom and baby if they are not met. I continued with my glass of Mothers horlicks till I breastfed my baby for one full year. I knew it has benefits for lactating mothers too. All I would do is scoop in two spoons of Mothers Horlicks in warm milk and take it before bed or during my breakfast. It was my power supplement.



With pregnancy and motherhood comes the responsibility of a new life. I believe in the phrase “ Do not neglect your baby’s health by neglecting your own”. We often tend to do this once our baby is born. But the fact is, when a mom is healthy so will her baby be. Treating yourself and your baby with right nutrition is the key to a healthy future. So Moms-to-be, I recommend, your grab your cup of Mother’s Horlicks today and reap the long term benefits for you and your baby. Because Mother’s Horlicks is truly a power supplement for to-be-powerful moms.



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