Common Pregnancy Queries Answered

Common Pregnancy Queries Answered

What are Pregnancy Care Classes (Antenatal Care)?

Pregnancy care classes are either conducted by Physiotherapist or Childbirth Educators or other health care provider who dedicatedly work in the field of women’s health with complete medical knowledge of exercises, nutrition, physiology of labor and childbirth, postpartum phase and everything the expectant couples should know during their pregnancy. These classes include:


  • Dealing with aches and pain without medicines
  • Understanding, preparing and coping with the changes that are most likely to occur in different stages of pregnancy.
  • What to expect during the course of pregnancy and appreciate the week by week development of both the mother and the baby
  • Understanding diet, cravings and nutrition
  • Keeping check on the weight gain and loss
  • Reality behind myths and know the facts
  • Guidance to relaxation techniques
  • Planned, tailor made exercise program to tone, strengthen and prepare pelvic floor muscles for spontaneous labor & birth
  • Breast Care: Exercises, Latching Technique
  • Learning the technique of breathing during labor: HypnoBirthing & Lamaze
  • Correct knowledge of labor and childbirth (& not the internet)
  • Involvement of the father during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and during parenthood
  • Assisting/Preparing self for birth
  • Details of medical procedures and interventions
  • Understanding cesarean
  • Parenting tips on care of the New Born
  • Breastfeeding details
  • Post delivery changes
  • Understanding and coping with baby blues

Why are Pregnancy Care Classes required, our mothers never required them?

There is a serious change in the environment, the quality of food we consume and our lifestyle. We are struggling with physical, psychological and emotional health more as compared to our parents. We rarely take time out to listen to our own body needs. Pregnancy is a time when you not only need to fulfil your needs but also the needs of your baby. Proper nourishment, balanced diet, exercises are the key to fit pregnancy, easy labor and positive birth experience. This ultimately makes birthing process comfortable for the baby as well.

When to start with Pregnancy care program (Nutrition plan)?

Pregnancy care program can be started from the day you know that you have conceived. During this phase of pregnancy there is a sudden change in the hormonal activity of the body. These changes may lead to a very common issue that is Morning Sickness which is prevalent in most of the pregnancies. Diet is the foremost thing which needs to be taken into account to overcome this discomfort.


Are exercises in pregnancy recommended?

It is highly recommended for an easy labor and comparatively quick childbirth. Even if you weren’t exercising earlier, pregnancy is the best time to start.


When to start with exercises?

Exercises should be started after completion of 13 weeks i.e. from 14th week onwards (from 2nd trimester; 4th month). Initially light exercises then gradually the intensity are increased. The exercise protocol includes mobility, trengthening cardio, body weight training and stretching exercises. If you were already exercising before and during conception, you may continue with the same intensity or lower down to light intensity exercises during the first three months after conception.


Can you exercise if you have low placenta?

Yes. There are exercises specially for raising the placenta at the optimal position.


Can just walking make labor and birthing easy?

The exercise prescription along with walking must include pelvic floor exercises, cardio, strengthening and stretching with proper warm up and cool down. Pelvic floor exercises are the exercises that concentrate on the muscles around the uterus and the birth path.


Are cravings real?

Yes, they definitely are. Whatever the body is lacking, the mother will crave for that food. These cravings should be attended and included in your diet.


Can pains and discomfort be eased with nutritional tips and exercise?

It surely can be solved with slight nutritional alterations and exercises. Issues like morning sickness, back pain, heartburns, gum bleeds, groin pain etc are easily resolved by modifying the meal timings, additions and subtraction in your ongoing meal plans. These tips can be easily administered at home with no extra efforts.


Will sexual contact harm my baby?

It is essential. Do not skip it. Best time to explore new ways. It is a stress buster and helps the mother to keep calm. If the mother is not comfortable, then she always has the right to say No!


How can daddy – to – be contribute?

There are specially designed sessions for the daddies – to – be. The first and foremost is accompanying the mother to the hospital, at pregnancy exercise classes; they can assist with daily chores, exercise with you, help relief aches & pains with the techniques learnt from the health care provider, accompany you in labor, understand baby blues, share baby chores etc. There are lot more than what is mentioned here that they can do throughout pregnancy, labor, childbirth and
postpartum phase.


How long can you wait for the labor to start?

Estimated date is an estimate and not a deadline. Expect labor to start anytime from 38 to 42 weeks. If even then labor doesn’t start then you may consider artificial induction of labor after discussing it with your health care provider (keeping in mind the NST).


Normal v/s Caesarean Birth

Childbirth, be it be normal or caesarean, is mother’s tremendous love towards her baby to get them into this world. Always whenever possible prepare for normal delivery. Almost every woman can deliver their baby vaginally. If you have been advised caesarean, you have the right to know why! If you aren’t satisfied with the reason then you can always go for the 2nd opinion or the 3rd and 4th unless the parents feel satisfied.


What is allowed during labor?

You are allowed light food, liquids if you feel hungry or exhausted during the process.


Can milk production be inadequate?

Breast feeding is a must. If you don’t feed your baby then the flow will become inadequate and eventually stop. When your baby suck on to your breasts, then the milk starts producing and it will be enough to satiate your baby’s hunger; the supply depends on baby’s demand and the mother’s emotional status. So never doubt your ability and concentrate of your diet. Work on your baby, help them latch and enjoy this bond. Even then if you face any difficulty, then connect with lactation consultant for assistance.


Is 6 weeks of confinement period important?

Yes. It has science behind it. Firstly the mother’s body has prepared for the main event of birth and good amount of energy is required so rest is important. Secondly, it takes 6 weeks for the uterus and the birth path to go back to its pre-pregnancy size. The chances of infection is high, energy is low, nutritional reserve is again refilling so sleep and good nutrition is required. More the care taken during this phase, better the old age!


What to do if one has inverted nipples, cracked nipples?

Always get your breasts examined during pregnancy. There are breast care exercises which help to protrude the nipple which is essential for latching. If the latch is good then chances of having sore or cracked nipples is least.


Breast v/s Bottle

It may take time for babies to latch on or for the milk to initiate, but never give up on breastfeeding. For few in first go breastfeeding may be a success but for some it might take several attempts. So never give up. Try not to instigate bottle feeding. Sucking from bottles is easier as compared to breast. Once babies get used to the ease of bottle, they will refuse to do the laborious job of sucking on to the breast.


Baby blues?

They really exist and are efficiently overlooked. Motherhood may get initially overwhelming for some. This may affect you both emotionally and physically. Stops you from enjoying motherhood! At times this goes unnoticed, unaccounted or
simply ignored. Range from simple blues to suicidal tendencies. The cause may be due to sudden fall in hormones and/or sudden (though informed) inclusion of another life in your lives which requires constant 24 hours of assistance and
attention. It is a complete change which the mother is obviously ready but unable to accept that now the baby is not just a bump but a life outside. Addressing this symptoms and complete cooperation of the partner and the family helps in
overcoming baby blues and stopping it from progressing.


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