What Can I Feed To My 6 Months Old Baby?

What Can I Feed To My 6 Months Old Baby?

We know you must be so excited to introduce solids to your 6-months-old baby. But at the same time, you must be wondering what to give your baby to eat. Do not worry, we are there to help you and guide you as well. Breastfeeding is still the main source of nutrition at this age but not sufficient for the fast paced growth phase of your baby. So to keep up the growing needs we start the solid foods at 6 month of age along with breastmilk. So this feeding is called as complementary feeding.

Keep this blog to have a complete idea of what to give a 6-months-old baby to eat?

Getting Started With Solid Foods

Baby is learning to chew at this stage. But before you start giving solids to your baby, always remember that stomach of your baby is very small and thus needs small amounts of soft and nutritious food frequently throughout the day. In addition to grains and tubers, feed your baby a variety of foods - especially animal foods (dairy, eggs, meat, fish and poultry), fruits and vegetables – every day. Safe ,clean water and food and hand hygiene are necessary to protect your baby from infections.

Solid foods can be introduced in any order, but only one new single-ingredient food should be introduced at a time. They should be easy to eat and nutritious. Don’t make the food much watery as it lacks nutrients .Cook it until it’s thick enough not to run off the spoon.Initially give 2 to 3 spoonfuls of foods twice a day then gradually increase .And to check for any allergies or reactions, wait for 3 days before you introduce any new food to your baby.The food taste and flavours may surprise your baby. They might not like a particular food initially ,so you can wait and introduce after some time.Make them eat in sitting position and have a good head neck control and avoid food that can cause choking.

Healthy Foods For a 6-month-old baby

Avoid adding sugar or salt in your little one’s food until the age of one year because it may be harmful for baby kidneys.

Fruits puree - Seasonal fruits are one of the best foods for babies because they have high nutritional value. Thus, pick any soft seasonal fruit for your baby mash and serve it to your baby. You may try giving boiled apple puree, extracted juice of oranges, simply mashed bananas, avocados, sapota (chikoo), and peaches.

Vegetable puree - We all understand the benefits of having vegetables in our diet, but if we serve any vegetable as a whole to our baby, he/she won’t be able to chew it anyway. Thus, the pureed form of vegetables is a great way to introduce vegetables to a growing baby. Vegetable purees are easy to swallow and digest. Boil these vegetables to make them taste better. Start with mashed potatoes, boiled carrot puree, peas puree, and sweet potato puree.

Dal ka Pani - Dal ka pani (pulses soup) is one of the best known recipe for a growing baby. Pulses are the big source of proteins.Proteins are the building blocks of body. You just need to boil dal(pulse) with water and once you see that dal is properly cooked, take it in the bowl and serve it to your baby.

Rice Water - Rice is a good source of energy and vitamins. Rice water can be prepared by simply boiling the rice in water. Make sure you don’t make it to watery. Once you see the rice is properly cooked, take the meal in a bowl and serve it to your baby.

Cereal porridge - Cereal porridge is also a healthy food for babies. It is delicious, creamy, smooth in texture. Cereal porridge is easy to cook and babies usually love this.

If you see any allergic reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, constipation, etc in your baby after introducing any certain food, stop it immediately. If the allergic reaction persists, seek medical assistance. You can retry it after a few months if your pediatrician gives the go-ahead.

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