When Can You Start Exercising After Having a Baby?

When Can You Start Exercising After Having a Baby?

Exercising after childbirth is essential to get back into your shape and stay healthy. Many new mothers want to know when they can start exercising after their child’s birth. The general advice from doctors is to wait two to three months before really getting into a fitness routine.

In general, new mothers can start light and gentle movements after their child birth. And moms who engage in some light exercises tends to heal quicker in comparison to their less active counterparts.

Medical experts suggest to start moving a little bit after the next day of the delivery, even if you had surgery. By light movements, it does not mean to jog around the hospital, but it says to getting up and moving around your hospital room . Even after your c-section delivery, you can begin to walk with assistance. Please remember, your first few steps will be painful, but keep making gentle attempts to move. Do not exert your body.

Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

According to the medical experts, exercising after the childbirth is helpful for fast recovery.

  • It strengthen body muscles.
  • It boosts energy
  • It keeps you in happy mood
  • It improves sleep.
  • It gives relief from stress.

How to Begin Exercise after Childbirth?

Light exercise is good once your postpartum bleeding is stopped. Start with a daily brief walk after the 6 week of your delivery. Remember, do not overdo the exercise as it may affect your abdomen.
Before starting a proper fitness routine, it is important to get a green signal from your doctor. As your doctor can tell you properly whether your body is good to start with exercise or not.

Moderate exercise is okay for your body at this stage like stretching, gentle movements, etc. but do not perform any such activity just after your childbirth that may hurt you internally.

Remember, your body is still adjusting after the childbirth. Your center of balance is shifting again, hormones will continue to make your joints a bit softer, and you may also feel the exhaustion after your baby’s arrival. This means that even if you have ample energy, your body will require some extra days to comeback. Thus, go slowly with your exercise and fitness routine and be gentle with yourself.

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