5 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Toddlers

5 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Toddlers

22 Oct 2015 | 3 min Read

Halloween is almost upon us! And what better way to teach your tiny tots about Halloween than indulging in some spooky crafts with them.

Here is a roundup of 5 easy Halloween crafts ideas to make with your toddlers:

Cotton Ball Ghosts:

What can be more appropriate than making ghosts for Halloween? Kids enjoy as they love playing with glue and sticking things.

What you need? Black construction paper, chalk, cotton balls, glue, black buttons.

How to make? Help your toddler draw random monster-like shapes on a black construction paper. The next step is to apply glue and stick the cotton balls leaving the area of eyes and mouth. Your enthusiastic child might cover them, but it’s alright. Just stick the black buttons for eyes and cut the ghosts’s mouth out of the left over paper.

The scary ghosts are ready!

Monster Mobile:

This one’s another funny craft idea.

What you need? Toilet rolls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, craft foam, paint, wool

How to make? Ask your little one to paint the toilet rolls in different colours like purple, orange, black, green, etc. When the paint is dry, make a hole in either side of the roll and push a pipe cleaner through to make bendy arms. Your child can glue as many googly eyes as she finds fit. Cut out jagged teeth from the craft foam and stick to the rolls. Lastly, string the rolls (at different lengths) into a mobile by pushing the wool inside the roll under each pipe cleaner.

Hang this mobile outside the main door or your child’s bedroom!

Pumpkin Craft:

No Halloween craft activity can be complete without featuring a pumpkin. Here’s an easy to do jack-o-lantern.

What you need? Construction papers, orange paint, glue

How to make? Draw a large pumpkin on a construction paper. Ask your child to paint it orange. When the paint is dry, your child can glue eyes, nose and mouth cut out of black construction paper. Alternatively, you can use buttons and googly eyes for the eyes and pipe cleaners for the mouth.

Halloween Necklace:

Not only it is fun to make, but your little one will be proud to wear it around.

What do you need? Black yarn, ribbon or an elastic string, odd beads, buttons or coloured straws (cut into 1 inch length), scary charms of spider, ghost, skull, pumpkin, bat, etc.

How to make? Cut the yarn or elastic into the desired length and secure one end with a button. Ask your child to string beads, buttons and straws. Remove the button and tie both the ends of the yarn to make into a necklace. Similarly, you can make a bracelet too.

Ghost Pencil Holders:

It’s getting better and craftier!

What do you need? A couple of unused mason or plastic jars, paints, glue, construction paper, buttons or craft foam.

Let your child paint the jars in white, orange or purple. Once the paint gets dry, paint eyes, nose and jagged teeth on the jars. You can even use construction paper or buttons and craft foam. Put a few stationery or candies in the jars and place them in your child’s room as a happy reminder of fun times.

Let us know if you liked these ideas and do post the pictures of your Halloween crafts.

Happy Halloween!

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