How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s?

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s?

Many women consider their 30s to be the right time to get into Motherhood. By this age, they are settled in their career, have financial stability, and are matured enough to make wise decisions about their family. However, the chance of getting pregnant during the 30s is attached to both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we have tried to address all possible concerns related to pregnancy during the 30s.


The chance of successful pregnancy during the 30s is equally high as 86%; however, pregnancy complications also increase. In general, couples don’t require fertility treatment in their early 30s; however, it is good to visit a gynecologist for a check-up when planning for a baby.

Advantages of Conceiving in your 30s

If you’ve decided that you are now ready to start your family, the following are some of the positive aspects of your decision that may help you make an informed choice.


  • Financial Stability

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why women choose to have children in their 30s. By this age, usually, a woman gets financially stable and settled in her career. At this age, she is wiser enough to think about savings and make better decisions about finances. The expenses related to her baby will not give her anxiety or stress.


  • Relationship Stability

As a woman reaches her 30s, the more likely chances are the stability in her marriage. She gets more support from her partner or spouse in terms of understanding.


  • More Experienced

A woman in her 30s is comparatively more matured and composed than in her 20s. She gains more experience and knowledge that helps her stay wiser, calmer, and an efficient supporter for her child by this age.


  • Have A Support Group

If a woman is trying to conceive her first baby after 30, there can be some chances that her friends may already have children. In this case, she gets a support group of her age. She can ask for help and ideas too to manage her pregnancy and parenting.

Disadvantages of Conceiving in your 30s

Although the advantages of conceiving a baby in your 30s may look attractive, there are some disadvantages for the same too. These disadvantages are primarily pregnancy complications after the age of 30.


  • Take Longer Time to Conceive

After the age of 30, some women may find it difficult to conceive. The reasons behind this are the erratic ovulation in a woman as the body mature, less number and diminished quality of eggs released, stress, etc. All these factors create a delay in conceiving.


  • Health-Related Problems

As a woman grows older, some health-related problems like thyroid, obesity, diabetes, etc., become common. As these problems affect a body’s overall system, it affects reproductive organs too. These problems further increase the risk of the premature birth of a child.


  • Other Pregnancy Complications

The risk of some pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, etc., gets increased if a woman conceives after the age of 30. It becomes a need to follow a strict diet plan, physical fitness, and regular prenatal care.

Things You Must Do While Planning to Get Pregnant in Your 30s

  • Go Off the Pill – This one is the most obvious thing to look for when you’re planning to get pregnant. If you have been on oral contraception, stop using them before six to seven months of trying to conceive.
  • Stop Smoking/ Drinking – Smoking and drinking alcohol has never been a healthy habit. It reduces the sperm count and creates difficulty for a woman to conceive. Thus, in this case, you and your partner both have to stop smoking or drinking alcohol permanently.
  • Physical fitness – Physical fitness is highly recommended for you if you plan to get pregnant in your 30s. It will help you in healthy weight management and make it easier for you to get pregnant. For beginners, we recommend yoga. Upon conceiving, you may further enroll yourself in prenatal yoga classes specially designed for pregnant women to ensure a healthy body to bear the child and lower any pregnancy complications.
  • Manage Your Stress – Stress becomes common when you’re managing work as well as planning for a baby. The stress might delay your pregnancy or cause pregnancy-related complications. It is, therefore, essential to manage physical and mental stress. You may seek support from your husband or partner in some of the need to rest and relax.
  • Visit Your Doctor – It is recommended to visit a gynecologist before pregnancy to rule out any chronic illness like asthma or diabetes. After conception, regular check-ups will help monitor your and your baby’s health and immediately address any medical problems.
  • Be Careful About Medicines – If you are on a particular medication, it is vital to discuss it with your doctor. Not every medicine is OK and safe during pregnancy. Moreover, refrain from taking medication from self-experiments.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet – A healthy diet has to be followed for your entire pregnancy time. Ensure your diet includes fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and plenty of glasses of water to drink.

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