Yeast Infection In Girls And Young Women

Yeast Infection In Girls And Young Women

Yeast Infection in the vagina and its surrounding area is pretty common. Research states that around 75% of girls get yeast infections once in their lifetime. However, this infection is not problematic but indeed can bother anyone who gets it. Symptoms include itching, burning, and clumpy white discharge.

What are the Causes Behind Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection is usually caused by an abnormal increase in the number of microorganisms present in our body. Some of the possible causes behind this kind of imbalance can be:

  • Antibiotics - Yeast infection may happen to you if you’re consuming antibiotics. Though antibiotics are prescribed to kill harmful bacteria, they also affect your body’s number of good bacteria.
  • Hormones - Puberty leads to hormonal change in girls. It may cause yeast infections in young girls.
  • Poor Immunity - A poor immunity is also one of the reasons behind yeast infection in girls.

The fungus causes yeast infection. Yeast infections are usually not dangerous unless the disease gets into the bloodstream and spreads to other parts of the body. Thus, to treat fungal infection, the pediatrician recommends using topical antifungal creams or ointments to clear up the infection.

Preventions for Yeast Infection

Wise usage of Antibiotics - Antibiotics are good only when they are consumed as per the prescribed manner. Thus, do not pick any antibiotics without proper consultation with your doctor.

Stay Clean and Dry - Fungal infection spreads in a moist area; thus, make sure you keep your intimate body parts clean and dry. Use the pH-balanced liquid to keep that area clean and hygienic. Avoid using any soaps or any other harsh products the same.

Early diagnosis is always good to stop spreading fungal infections. Proper care and hygiene are recommended to avoid any disease. Do not leave this infection overlooked and untreated.


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