Effective Home Remedies For Cough

Effective Home Remedies For Cough

When adults suffer from a cough or cold, they might reach for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to ease their symptoms. But Doctors may not suggest this for babies or toddlers. Cough and cold medicines that are safe for grownups can cause serious side effects in children under age 2.
If your baby or toddler is sniffling or coughing, try these home remedies. These methods are all drug-free and safe for children below the age of 2 years.

Try Saline Drops

When your child's nose is stuffy, they may have difficulty breathing, majorly while sleeping and eating. Saline nasal drops will help in thinning the mucus in their nose and shrink swollen airways. Use Saline drops two or three times per day. Saline drops may make it easier to remove mucus from your child's nose. Additionally, you may ask your toddler to blow their nose with your help.

Give Small Amount of Honey

Honey is beneficial in soothing sore throats and easing coughs. It works best even in children than OTC cough medicines. Give your child 1/2 teaspoon of Honey daily before bedtime. However, if your child is below the age of 1, avoid giving Honey as it is not recommended.

Increase Fluids

When your child is not feeling due to cough and cold, try giving him more fluids. Extra fluid helps in thinning the mucus that will ultimately help in a stuffy nose. Fresh warm water, fruit juice are acceptable, along with chicken soup and apple sauce.
Babies below the age of 6 months should only drink breastmilk or formula, not even water.

Keep Baby’s Head Raised

Have you ever slept with extra pillows when you had a stuffy nose to breathe more easily? This trick works for babies, too. Simply place a pillow or folded towel under the head of your baby's mattress to create a slight angle. This will raise their head safely and help them to breathe.
If you see Fever is accompanied by cough and cold, call your doctor for best advice and guidance. Home remedies are usually not recommended.

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