Preparing For Twins: Here Is Your Handy Checklist

Preparing For Twins: Here Is Your Handy Checklist

Pregnancy is a journey of excitement, thrill, joy, and bliss followed by unsettling nervousness. And when the pregnancy comes with the news of twins, emotions get doubled.

If you wonder how to manage pregnancy with twins, your simple lifestyle changes can help you a lot. There are some interesting facts related to pregnancy with twins which you should know before planning everything else.


  • According to medical observations, maternal ancestry has a more significant role compared to paternal ancestry. If your mother or grandmother have had twins, you are likely to conceive twins, too.
  • Age plays a significant role in multiple pregnancies. So, if you are conceiving late, there are some chances to have twins.
  • The probability of conceiving twins also depends on your race and ethnicity. Some ethnicities have high chances of conceiving twins or triplets.
  • If you are going to have fertility treatments for getting pregnant, the chances are more to have multiple pregnancies.


Now is a time to learn some valuable tips to prepare for your twins. Read on the following.


Preparing for twins can be pretty challenging in terms of budget and other finances. Start allocating your money for the best medical care and support. Antenatal care is highly important for the mother carrying twins. Hence, it is essential to undergo frequent scans and tests. Regular checkups are important to monitor the overall growth and development . These will, however, be prescribed by your gynaecologist.

Do Research on Labor

Twins often arrive early than the expected due date. Therefore, learn about the signs of labor and delivery options for multiple pregnancy. Seek medical help to educate yourself and prepare mentally as well as physically.

Learn Your Twins’ sleep and Feeding Cycle

Understanding your twins’ wake periods and schedule their feeding and bathing pattern. Initially it will be challenging to you, but with continuous family support, things will settle down easily.

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