Is It Safe To Eat Raisins During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Eat Raisins During Pregnancy?

The craving for sweets during pregnancy is a very known fact. And almost every expecting mother craves having those unhealthy sweet dishes like bakery cake, soft drinks, cookies, etc. So, how to soothe this sweet tooth during pregnancy while staying healthy and safe? Well, you can try replacing all those sweet dishes with foods that are rich in natural sugars. Raisins or kishmish in pregnancy is just what you need.

You can eat plain raisins, toss them in salads, or sprinkle on homemade desserts like kheer or sewai. It not only tastes good but also comes with loads of health benefits for a pregnant mother.

Raisins during Pregnancy

Given below are the multiple health benefits of having raisins during pregnancy:

1. Cures constipation issues

Constipation is a common health problem faced during the first trimester of pregnancy. Raisins are loaded with high fiber content that makes them highly effective in relieving the problem of constipation in expecting mothers. Raisins help absorb water and create a laxative tendency that eases bowel movements.

2. Helps in producing blood cells

A pregnant woman should maintain proper iron intake to prevent anemia during pregnancy. Here, having raisins during pregnancy can provide her with sufficient iron, vitamin B complex, and other minerals. It helps in keeping anemia, weakness, and other issues at bay during this time.

3. Eases the digestive process

The high fiber content of raisins helps clean the gastrointestinal tract and flush out the toxins from the body. This method also increases a pregnant woman’s metabolism, essential for the fetus’s growth and overall health. Moreover, kishmish in pregnancy is helpful because it has high potassium and magnesium content that eases digestion and reduces acidity.

4. Maintains energy levels in the body

Raisins are the dried form of grapes and come with inbuilt glucose and fructose content that absorb the essential vitamins from the food. It helps in bringing energy to your body. As the body undergoes several changes at the time of pregnancy, it requires extra energy to meet the needs of the child and mother. Furthermore, raisins help strengthen the mother’s immune system, which is helpful for her to cope with her physical changes.

5. Cooling effect

Consumption of soaked raisins gives the much needed cooling effect to expecting mothers and aids in avoiding unexpected abortion.

Mother's with diabetic conditions should consult their Dietitian before consuming Raisins. Also not more than 10-15gms of raisins recommended per day for normal pregnant females.

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