9 Tips on Better Body Posture

9 Tips on Better Body Posture

Having a good body posture is suitable for looking better, but it is recommended for overall spine health.  Poor posture leads to stress on the body’s spine, puts strain on the spine's joints and muscles, and leads to pain and discomfort.  Obtaining better posture leads to a healthier spine.

Do not Slouch

Slouching not only looks bad, but it can also affect the bones. Slouching puts undue stress on the bones, muscles, and joints. There can be an increased risk of osteoporosis at a later stage.

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Straighten Up

Stand straight for good posture.  In addition to looking better, standing up straight can also help you reduce body aches and joint pain. Stand up straight and tall to get started, keep your shoulders back, and pull your stomach in. Keep your head straight and your feet about shoulder-width apart. 

Check Posture at Work

Sitting for a prolonged period at a desk can lead to slouching.  When the upper body muscles are not engaged and become weak, they cannot support the shoulders, and the body slumps forward.  To avoid this situation, strengthen the back muscles, sit back in the chair, take the support of any lumbar cushion to protect the lower back, keep the knees at a 90-degree angle, and place the feet flat on the floor.


Text Neck

Putting force to the head to look down and the neck to stretch can severely strain the neck and spine. Over time, this can lead to weakness in the neck. Thus, while writing or texting someone using your smartphone, try to hold the phone at eye level to decrease the amount of stress on the neck and head.

Sit Up While Driving

A long drive can look exciting and adventurous, but it can stress the spine and poor posture over time. Pull the seat close to the steering wheel, allow the knees to bend slightly, and place them so that they are somewhat higher than hip level. If your car has a feature of lumbar support, use it! Take frequent breaks from driving and stretch.



To ensure proper posture, have a highly qualified chiropractor evaluate your spinal health regularly. The experts of Chiropractic help patients to develop a treatment plan and bring better spinal health. Thus, finding better posture with overall spinal health is just a walk-in away to your chiropractic.

Do Exercise That Improves your Posture

Do exercises that will help you improve your posture. Try to spend 10-20 minutes a day exercising. However, don't overstrain yourself; otherwise, it will only make it worse. If you are an office worker, don't forget to do a warm-up for your back, neck, and shoulders daily.

Watch Your Posture All Times

Always remember about keeping your back straight - not only when working, but also when driving or sleeping. Concerning the sleep position, don't treat the choice of the right pillow, blanket, and mattress lightly. A bed should be hard to provide you with a good posture instead of soft and lumpy.

Sit With A Proper Posture

Remember, you should sit comfortably when you are sitting, keeping your back supported with your chair. You should either not lean forward or backwards.


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