Breast Care Tips To Follow At Home During The Breastfeeding Period

Breast Care Tips To Follow At Home During The Breastfeeding Period

17 Dec 2021 | 2 min Read

Dr Aditi Agrawal

Author | 2 Articles

Breastfeeding could be a bit painful at times for the mother. But this shouldn’t become a reason for not feeding your baby.

Sored nipples, cracking of the breast tissues, hardening, and pain are a few of the common issues during breastfeeding.

These common issues could be managed by following a few simple routines at home:

  • Massage your breast daily before and after feeding your baby. Massaging the breast before feeding the baby can aid a better milk flow and the one after feeding can help relax your breast muscles and reduce the pain (if any).
  • Pay attention to the way the baby latches to the breast. If the position isn’t comfortable enough it can cause breast and nipple pain.
  • Avoid breast engorgement as it could lead to pain and tendering of the breast tissue. Breast engorgement takes place when the breast gets full of milk. Use breast pumps or release excess milk by gently massaging or pressing it.
  • Breastmilk has amazing healing properties. Applying a few drops of breast milk on the nipple before and after breastfeeding can help prevent cracked nipples and keep them nourished.
  • Soaking your nipples in warm saline for about 5 mins can also help heal cracked nipples.
  • Keep the nipples clean, dry, and moisturized all the time. Tap-dry or air-dry the nipple rather than using a rash rubbing action.
  • Change your bra or bra pads often, especially when the dampness sets in. This can help prevent infections.
  • Always use well-supporting and comfortable bras to avoid excess friction and pain.
  • A warm water shower, the application of an ice pack, and frequent breast massage can help heal sore breast.


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