Highlights From The Live Chat With Sonali Shivlani On Breastfeeding And Mother Child Nutrition Part 2

Highlights From The Live Chat With Sonali Shivlani On Breastfeeding And Mother Child Nutrition Part 2

This Q & A has been compiled from a live chat conducted on BabyChakra with a prenatal and lactation consultant, Sonali Shivalani on August 3, 2015. The questions therein, are actual questions asked by mothers.

Q: My daughter is 3 months old and she is exclusively breastfed and her stools have never seemed to have any sort of consistency to them, just watery and it is always coming out. Is it normal?
A: Yes, an exclusively breast fed baby will have yellow stools which are watery and have a seed like consistency to it as well.

Q: My daughter is 3 years old and I want to know how essential cow's milk is in her nutrition.

A: Cow's milk is a source of calcium. If calcium is being provided from other sources, then cow's milk is not essential.

Q: How can I wean toddler without tears? Is it possible?

A: Try some other options - speaking to the baby about not feeding for sleep can work wonders. Try letting go of the day feed and then wean off the night feed, go slow. Gentle suggestions, constant messages and then being firm. For example, no feeding during the day time. Do not give in. Else the baby learns that if I throw a tantrum mom will give up. Be firm.

Q: How do I get my toddler to eat fruits and vegetables?
A: Tastes develop - so keep trying. Even if it's a small bite. Be consistent. Talk about the benefits of the food. Make sure you eat the same foods in front of the child.

Q: My toddler is a fussy eater, should I introduce milk supplement in addition to his diet. He is 2 years old.

A: Yes you can introduce milk supplement if you like but also work on the diet. It is best to seek a supplement prescription from your doctor, if at all required.

Q: Is vegetable soup nutritious?

A: Veg soup should not be strained. Leave the fiber intact.

Q: How important is animal protein?

A: Animal protein is a great source of a complete protein but it is not the only source. So it is your and your child's decision.

Q: Is it ok to give my daughter Yakult or any such probiotic drinks?

A: Yakult can be given post one year. Curd is a great natural probiotic.

Q: Are fresh juices ok for toddlers?
A: Fresh juices are high in natural sugar and they tend to fill the stomach. They are fine once in a while but should not be a habit.

Q: Also how many eggs a day is advisable?

A: At one year I would look at one egg per day. In between, we would have to see the rest of the diet and protein intake before adding the second egg.

Q: Is ghee ok?

A: A little ghee as tadka, on roti is fine but not as a staple food in sheeras etc

Q: My problem is that my twin boys who are 20 months old are overweight. We follow a strict home fed diet and binging on sweets and snacks like biscuits is seriously limited. I also have a limitation in terms of taking them out of house for activity. But we do decent amount of active run play at home. What do u suggest? How can I make them lose extra weight without cutting out their diet?
A: The best bet is activity - engage in some organized activities.

Q: Do you think that one or two cream biscuits in a day can still be given?

A: Toddlers are also human beings and they need to live a little. However remember that they get to try all this at school, parties, play dates so try to keep home options healthy. Once in a while is ok, but remember do not make it a treat or reward. So do not give the biscuit or chocolate as a reward but keep it as a normal day to day routine.

Q: How important are these supplements/ health drinks? Is it really required if the kid consumes a healthy diet of fruits and veggies daily?

A: It is not essential if the child is taking a balanced diet.


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