How to manage diet so as not to put on those extra kilos even while breastfeeding?

How to manage diet so as not to put on those extra kilos even while breastfeeding?

Most mothers experience an increase in appetite and hunger pangs during breastfeeding. So, you need to manage your diet and cravings in such a way that you do not gain too much weight while breastfeeding.


Though processed, packaged and convenience foods are easy for a new mother, but these foods have little nutritional value for the mother and her baby. So, you need to stock up a variety of nourishing, wholesome, natural foods to snack on in between meals. Snacking on naturally healthy foods (like fruits and vegetables) will help in maximizing the overall nutrient quality of your diet. As an added benefit, eating a variety of food changes the flavour of your breast milk and exposes your baby to different tastes. This helps in easy acceptance of solid foods by your child, when these are introduced later.


You can also try to make home made treats using fresh ingredients. To indulge your sweet tooth, you can make or bake your favourite treats using natural sweeteners like dates, raisins and molasses. Avoid juices and sugary drinks, as too much sugar can contribute to weight gain.


Often breastfeeding mothers wish to lose the added pregnancy weight but you need plenty of energy to breastfeed your baby. So, don't count calories and aim for slow and steady weight loss, as breastfeeding helps you in doing just that.


So, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and do some gentle exercise to maximize your energy as a new mom and support breastfeeding.


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