A plea to the baby belly!

We know you love hearing the coos and the aah's from your little bundle of joy, and their peaceful little smiles make the sleepless nights totally worth it. When you hold your new born baby in your arms, the feeling is one of overwhelming joy and we know all you moms' out there you wouldn't want it any other way… but what when you come face to face with your arch nemesis in the house – the mirror? Here are some things we bet you'd say to your baby belly, if only you could.

1. C'mon belly, just squeeze a little more, a tad more… enough to button up – pretty please!



2. I just had a sliver of the cheesecake, and now you have decided to stick to it for three whole weeks???



3. Is that another baby in there they forgot to deliver in the hospital?

4. I swear I was just staring at the pizza – how did you manage to bloat up on the thought of junk food?



5. I think my mind is used to eating for two, and you, my dear belly, are just great at following instructions!!


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Comments (7)

so true in my case...

yes... absolutely true.....

This is exactly what I was looking for.

5 point is so true in my case

My sis tease me by saying your doc forget to deliver your second baby😅

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