Mom-friendly companies in India that you must watch out for

Mom-friendly companies in India that you must watch out for

In the Contemporary setup, it is rather impossible to hold the Woman of today from carving her identity in the corporate world – except when it comes to maternity. Most women end up becoming the rope struggling between the Job VS Baby tug of war, where the baby always wins.

Several top notch companies have come up with excellent Mom – friendly policies in order to continue to empower women as well as enable them to take care of their families as well.


Delhi-based RMSI surpassed Google to become the best company to work with in India. They have the following benefits for women:

1. Very Strong Anti –Sexual Harassment policy

2. Self Defense, Tai Chi workshops

3. Health initiatives related to Cervical or breast cancer, hormonal issues, other gynecological issues

4. Extended maternity leave

5. Part time and flexi timing work hours

6. Work from home options

7. Options to take a sabbatical before continuing their job

2. Flipkart

Flipkart has recently rolled out one of the best policies for mothers:

1. 6 months Paid leaves to new mothers and 4 months of Flexi hours after rejoining, with full pay

2. Alternatively, new mothers can take a break of upto a year (without pay) and then resume work.

3. Dedicated parking slots for two months before and after delivery

4. Rs. 600 per day travel reimbursement two months prior to going on maternity break

5. Gift baskets on special days like baby showers

6. Counseling sessions for work life balance, parenting and other similar issues

7. Assurance of day care and crèche services at the work place in the near future

8. Rs 50,000 paid out as one-time allowance for employees looking forward to adopting children. Along with the allowance, the same benefits will be available to mothers as a biological mother in terms of flexi hours and paid maternity leaves, for adopting a baby less than 12 months old. In case of adoption of a baby beyond 12 months of age, the paid leaves offered are for 3 months, along with flexi hours.

3. Citibank

Citibank also joined the race with the below benefits:

1. Child Care allowance of 1.32 lakh per annum, for up to 4 kids

4. Google, India

When it comes to excellent work environment, there's barely anyone who can compete with Google. The benefits offered by them are:

1. Supports employee resources group, like Women@Google

2. 5 months of maternity leaves, with full pay, bonus as well as stock

3. Leave policy provision for non-biological parents (in cases of surrogacy or adoption, even by same gender couples)

5. Accenture

The consulting major Accenture also is in love with its female employees and doled out the below new policies:

1. 22 weeks of paid leaves for its working mothers

2. Flexibility for both, full time as well as part time employees

3. Possibility of extension of leaves for up to 9 months, but without pay

4. It also has maternity returnee program, parents at work program and several such programs to promote workability of new parents

5. Workshops and maternity counseling sessions

6. HSBC India

Joining the league of women friendly jobs at banks, HSBC developed the below policies:

1. Privileged leaves can be clubbed with maternity leaves

2. In certain cases, these leaves can be further extended to 4 more months, but by permission of the business head

3. After returning from maternity leave, employees can work in preset flexi hours for up to 3 more months


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