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A DIY Guide To A Neutral Gender Nursery

A DIY Guide To A Neutral Gender Nursery

22 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 634 Articles

A neutral gender nursery is a good idea to have since you aren’t sure about the gender of your baby, and there are many fashionable ways to do it. They are not just practical but are a safe pick. Plus, you can play with colours when it comes to the wall decor, crib, chair, and other essential nursery furniture and furnishings.

Read on if you are looking for ideas on how to style a neutral gender nursery.

5 Tips For A Neutral Gender Nursery

1. Go Theme-free

Sticking to a theme creates more challenges and stress for the baby’s nursery. Hence, going theme free can be a calming experience both for you and the baby. Instead of a white wall which will get dirty easily, a beige colour wall can give a neutral feeling along with some warmth. You can choose colours like beige and pastels for the furniture. More colour can be added to the crib sheets and other items that will follow. Overall, the space will be ready to even get a new touch once your little one becomes a preschooler.

designing a gender-neutral nursery
Pick nature-inspired ideas when designing a gender-neutral nursery for your little one / Credit – Pixabay

2. Keep it Simple

If you have decided to go for a gender-neutral space, simple is the best. You can go for nurseries that are minimal and use modern space with properly organised storage to keep all that clutter away. Focus on natural textures and clean lines. You can simply add an oversized plant along with a rug in neutral colours like black, white, beige or more. The rug can be a statement piece of the room while making it look appealing.

how to style a nursery
If you are looking for ways how to style a nursery, the best idea is to go theme free and select minimalism / Credit – Pexels

3. Get Inspired by Nature

Look outside if you are looking for the perfect neutral gender nursery. Take inspiration from mother nature and the beautiful landscapes. You can take inspiration by the beach, mountains, tropical jungle or even a garden. These themes are gender neutral and will be loved by your little one.

Pick a natural theme that adds warmth and cosiness where you and your little one can get comfy.

4. Go Monochrome

This is one of the easiest ways to create a neutral gender nursery. A black and white colour palette is perfect for designing a gender-neutral nursery as it provides contrast along with graphics and patterns.  

Create a playful nursery using the black and white theme by adding visually stimulating elements to the design. Go for patterns and shapes which will be perfect for your little one. 

designing a gender-neutral nursery
Monochrome theme is the best when selecting a designing a gender-neutral nursery as they provide warmth and cosiness to the baby’s nursery / Credit – Pexels

5. Boho Theme

One of the most trending themes in recent times, boho has an earthy and fresh feel with a modern vibe. This laid-back approach is the perfect style for a gender-neutral nursery. The Boho theme combines both traditional and contemporary styles and looks aesthetic. Add patterned elements and bold colours to a plain modern background.

Choosing a neutral baby nursery is one of the most convenient ways because you won’t have to think of redecorating it again when you’re bored of a themed decor.











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