120+ Aesthetic Baby Names, With Meanings

120+ Aesthetic Baby Names, With Meanings

18 May 2023 | 3 min Read

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Aesthetic baby names have recently started trending and creating a buzz in social media and online communities. Aesthetic means anything that appears trendy, classic, chic, and stunning!

It comes as no surprise that parents are now leaning toward aesthetic baby names, as they are exquisite, and will help your munchkin stand out among the crowd. To make things, easier, we have created an extensive list of aesthetic names for babies that you can choose from. We have also discussed the meanings of the names to let their true essence shine.

So read on to pick from a wide range of baby names in this category.

120 + Aesthetic Baby Names

Aesthetic Baby Names

These baby girl names are modern and trendy and have profound meanings / Image credit: Freepik

Aesthetic Baby Names For Girls

Aesthetic Names For GirlsMeanings Of Aesthetic Names For Girls
AlaskaRefers to the mainland
AliceKind or noble
AriaTreasure or gold. It also refers to a kind person
ArwenA noble maiden
AtlasBearer of the heavens
AveryOne who rules the elves
BeaOne who brings happiness
BettyOath of God, or God’s satisfaction
BillieA resolute protector
BirdieBright or famous
BlairField or meadow
BlytheMerry or cheerful
BriarA bush of wild roses
BriellaMessenger of God
BritaThe exalted one
CamiA helper
CatrinePure or clean
CharlieA free man
ClaudineA sense of peacefulness or warmth
CleoFame or glory
DaintreeRefers to the Daintree forest in Queensland
DarbyFree from envy
DelaneyDescendant of the dark defiance
DellaDelicate or noble
DortheaGift of God
ElliotStrong and bold
EloraGod is my light
EmeraldA precious gemstone
EmersonBrave or powerful
EveBreathe or to live
FaithIt means to trust
FeatherCalmness or purity
FloraRoman Goddess of springtime
GoldieMade of gold
GreyA person with grey-toned hair
HazelRefers to the hazel tree
IndyGentle and kind
IvyA climbing plant
IzzyGod’s promise
JulesYouthful or downy
JunQueen of heaven
LarinaOne who protects
LillyPassion or pure
LunaThe moon
LyraA constellation name
MagnoliaRefers to the magnolia flower
MiraPeace lover
OliveSymbol of peace and success
ParisCity of lights
PoppySymbol of peace and sleep
PrimroseFirst rose
RaeFirst sheep
RoseRefers to the rose flower
RubyA deep precious stone
SacrlettSymbolises courage, passion, and joy
TheaGreek Goddess of light
VeraFaith or truth
VictoriaTranslates to victory
VioletAffection and love
WillowElegance and grace
YaraA small butterfly

Aesthetic Baby Names For Boys

Aesthetic Baby Names

These baby boy names are meaningful and attractive, making them exquisite / Image credit: Freepik

Aesthetic Names For BoysMeanings Of Aesthetic Names For Boys 
AdleyGod is just
AspenQuacking tree
AldenA wise old friend
AudenAn old friend
AxelBringer of peace
AzrielGod is my help
BearThe brown one
BoMeans to live
CalvinLittle bald one
ChesterCamp of soldiers
ChristianFolower of Christ
ClydeKeeper of the keys
DashFrom the ash
EdisonSon of Edward
EvanYoung warrior
GroverA group of trees
HaleBrave man
HeroOne who has a sense of strength
HopperSon of Robert
IndigoAn Indian dye
JaseLord is salvation
JonasGod’s messenger
JoshuaLord is my salvation
KaiSea or ocean
KingsleyKing’s meadow
KylerAn archer
LennoxMany trees
LyleOne who lives on the island
OdinHandsome and charming
OrionMighty hunter
OskarFear of God
RobertBright frame
RonanCitizen of Rome
RyderA messenger
SullivanThe black-eyed one
TheoBrave people
WaddenA wooded alley
WatsonSon of Walter
ZaneGid is gracious
ZekeGod strengthens
ZephyrWest wind


There you have it! An extensive list of aesthetic baby names that are elegant, trendy, and ideal for your baby girl or baby boy. All of these names have a contemporary tone and profound meanings that make them all the more special. So grab your pen and a diary, and sit with your partner to choose the name that perfectly suits your little munchkin.

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