60 Unique Flower Names For Boys With Meanings

60 Unique Flower Names For Boys With Meanings

23 Mar 2023 | 6 min Read

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In recent years, the trend of naming your baby after flowers has been rising exponentially. So if want to hop on this bandwagon too and are looking for flower names for boys that are meaningful and sound beautiful too, you are at the right place. 

We have curated a large list of floral names for boys that are rare, meaningful, and have a sweet yet strong ring to them. These names are delicate and graceful, and remind you of your baby’s unique qualities even after they grow up. So read on to know what are the popular and trending floral baby boy names right now! 

60 Unique Flower Names For Boys

Flower Names For Boys
These flower names for baby boys are unique and have a special meaning / Image credit: Freepik
  1. Aciano: This name is of Spanish origin and means a blue bottle flower. It is a modern name for a handsome boy.
  1. Alder: it is the name of the flowering plant from the birch family and has an old-school ring to it. It means from the alder tree.
  1. Antonio: This name was linked to the Greek name Antos, which means flower. This makes Antionio the perfect flower name for boys.
  1. Anthony: This trendy and versatile baby boy name means rose.
  1. Aoi: This name has a Japanese origin, and refers to the hollyhock flower.
  1. Arnit: It means a beautiful flower.
  1. Araj: Originating from the Urdu language, this name refers to floral fragrance.
  1. Atir: It refers to the fragrance of a flower.
  1. Ash: This is a classic Hebrew title, which means happy.
  1. Aweinon: A native American name, which refers to moving flowers.
  1. Bakul: This charming baby boy name refers to a sweet-smelling flower. 
  1. Blathma: In Irish, this rare baby boy name means flower.
  1. Bud: This cute Irish name means blossom. You can also use this title as a nickname for your little one.
  1. Calix: Originating from the Latin language, this name simply means flower.
  1. Catkin: This creative Dutch name means a group of small flowers.
  1. Carmel: A common name in Ireland, Carmel refers to the vineyards of Gods.
  1. Cedar: This flower baby boy name is mostly associated with woods and trees.
  1. Clem: This distinct name refers to Clematis, which is the climbing vine of a beautiful flower.
  1. Corey: It means from the hollow, and sounds like one of the coolest flower names for boys.
  1. Cresento: This name means gold flower in Spanish.
  1. Cypress: It refers to the cypress flower, which resembles the five-pointed star and looks absolutely adorable.
  1. Elm: A tree that blooms white flowers.
  1. Fiorello: This unique name for boys means little flower.
  1. Florian: A Latin name, which means flourishing or flowering.
  1. Florent: This French name is quite popular in some parts of Europe, and means flowering.
  1. Gilford: It refers to a garden filled with yellow flowers, and is a classic name for baby boys.
  1. Gulzar: A classic Arabic baby boy name that refers to a flower blooming.
  1. Indigo: It comes from the Greek word Indikon, which translates to ‘from India.’ If you are looking for an uncommon flower name for boys, then you should definitely go with this.
  1. Indivar: An ancient Hindi name, which refers to blue lotus or blessing.
  1. Jared: if you are looking for a baby boy name inspired by a rose, then Jared should be your pick.
  1. Kamal: A beautiful floral name, which means lotus or perfection in Hindi.
  1. Kairav: A Hindi-origin name, referring to the white lotus.
  1. Kastur: A sweet-sounding name for a baby boy, which refers to the musk fragrance of the Kasturi plant.
  1. Kunal: This traditional Sanskrit name means lotus, and it is quite popular in India.
  1. Laurence: It refers to a lovely pink and white flower that is found in the Eastern side of the United States.
  1. Lupin: It is the name of a flower, and it also means ‘pertaining to the wolf.’ Now that sounds like a brave name for a boy, doesn’t it?
  1. Moss: This unusual name means descendants of Moses or the saviour. It is also frequently heard as a surname.
  1. Mranal: This rare and beautiful name for a boy refers to a collection of lotus.
  1. Nalesh: Originating from Sanskrit, this name refers to the King of flowers.
  1. Pallav: This name is a common choice among parents in India, and refers to a budding leaf.
  1. Palash: An Indian name for baby boy, which means a flowering tree.
  1. Quanah: This native American name for boys means fragrance or sweet-smelling.
  1. Raanan: A fresh and unique floral name for boys. Raanan means flourishing or green in the Hebrew language.
  1. Raihan: This name has been inspired by the Arabic language and means Heaven’s flowers.
  1. Ren: A Japanese name that means lotus, which symbolises purity and perfection.
  1. Risay: A Muslim name inspired by black rose, and refers to the one who is beloved.
  1. Rhodes: This floral name for boys has its origin in Greek and means where roses grow.
  1. Sage: A short and strong name for your baby boy, which refers to an aromatic herb, and also means a ‘wise and intelligent person.’
  1. Saroj: This authentic Hindi baby name refers to lotus, and also means vermillion.
  1. Sheroze: Originating from the Urdu language, Sheroze means the King of roses.
  1. Shirish: A sweet-sounding Hindi name for a boy, which refers to a rain tree or flowers.
  1. Sorrel: it refers to the beautiful red flower, which is found in the Caribbean.
  1. Trevor: This baby boy name has been inspired by the Persian language and means great settlement. 
  1. Vared: In the Hebrew language, this name refers to a rose. So if you want your little man to grow up to be handsome and gentleman, you can give them this name.
  1. Watson: This name means a powerful warrior.
  1. William: This floral name for boys has a Germanic origin and means will or desire.
  1. Yarrow: An English origin name that means a flowering plant.
  1. Zahur: Derived from the Urdu language, Zhaur means a flower that has a lovely fragrance.
  1. Zahir: This is a common Muslim name, derived from the Arabic language, which means a blossoming flower.
  1. Zein: This modern baby name refers to a fragrant flower. 


We hope our list of flower names for boys helps you find the most appropriate and beautiful title for your little one. While picking a name for your baby boy, make sure to go for an option that matches their middle name and surname. Also, read the meanings of the names carefully to understand which name you associate with or relate to the most.

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