5 Biggest Challenges First-Time Mums Face And How To Deal With Them

5 Biggest Challenges First-Time Mums Face And How To Deal With Them

8 Aug 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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Life as a new inexperienced mother can become both thrilling and challenging. While it’s exciting to get to know and learn about your baby and start an everlasting bond, the entire experience of sleepless nights, postpartum healing and challenges that come with being a new mum can leave you feeling exhausted. It might make you wonder if it’s just you or do other new mums feel the same. The answer is that – these challenges are common.

Here are five common challenges that first-time mums face along with tips to deal with them.

New Mum Struggles And How To Overcome Them

1. Pain and Soreness

The extensive pain that you have undergone during childbirth can feel very challenging to cope with. During the first few weeks, issues like haemorrhoids, swelling, or stitches after a vaginal tear or c-section make most women feel like they will never feel normal again or that the pain will stay forever. 

However, all these challenges are temporary and you’ll be fine. In case of extreme discomfort, visit your gynaecologist. 

How to treat soreness
Use ice packs and medicinal packs prescribed by your doctor which can help to provide relief. You need to ensure that you get proper nutrition and rest until your body heals completely. Get help from your partner, family or friends for help with the baby and other tasks when you are in pain and there’s soreness. Remember not to try to push yourself, even if you want to do it all because proper care is important to recovery.

2. Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is going to make you feel tired. This can lead to irritability, headaches, depression, memory problems and confusion.

How to manage sleep
Sleep whenever you can. Meditation and simple breathing exercises can help you de-stress too.

new mum struggles
One of the common new mum struggles is breastfeeding/ Image Source – Canva

3. Breastfeeding Challenges

One of the common new mum struggles is breastfeeding as they are not used to it. There are many breastfeeding problems new mums face like; baby not latching, breast engorgement, generation of milk, etc. Breastmilk is very important for your newborn’s health so mums need to tackle these problems!

How to tackle breastfeeding issues
If your baby is not latching, see a latching consultant or ask an experienced mother for help. You must share your problem and ask for help when trying to breastfeed the baby. Experts can identify problems and come up with solutions. With time, you will get used to breastfeeding and excel in it too.

4. Hormone Changes

As the progesterone levels decrease significantly after the baby, and the placenta is delivered, a low hormonal state is one of the most common challenges first-time mums face. The moodiness and tiredness from caring for the baby are very common. These changes in hormones along with a lack of sleep can make new mums feel very low.

How to deal with hormonal issues

Talk to your loved ones, take a relaxing bath or walk. Ask for help and engage in light stress-reducing exercises. If possible, make plans for a date night with your partner to spend some quality time together.

challenges first-time mums face
Hormonal changes are one of the most common new mum struggles and meditation and light exercise can help calm new mums / Image Source – Canva

5. Understanding Your Baby

This is also one of the common new mum struggles. However, it only lasts for some time. Your baby won’t be able to tell you whether he/she is hungry or wants to be held for some warmth. Babies will just cry when uncomfortable and you’ll have to figure out the reason. 

How to care for your baby
However, it all gets better with time and you’ll eventually know what your baby wants for the moment. You will learn from some of their fixed expressions and conditions which will help you know what your baby wants. After all, he or she is your baby and you’ll learn what the best for your baby.

The challenges first-time mums face are plenty. But with proper care and knowledge, each hurdle passes by. Before you know it, you’ll be proud of yourself for getting through it all. 



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