11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before A Planned C-Section Delivery

11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before A Planned C-Section Delivery

5 Apr 2022 | 7 min Read

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A c-section delivery is a surgical procedure, where a horizontal incision is made through your abdomen and uterus to deliver your baby. It is often performed when there are any risks associated with vaginal delivery, or if your baby is in an unsuitable position.

Since it’s a surgical procedure, it is normal for you to feel nervous and anxious. The best way to stay relaxed before this procedure is by having a detailed conversation with your doctor, and asking them questions that can help you gain more knowledge and prepare you for this process.

To make things easier for you, we have created a set of questions that you can ask your doctor before a planned c-section delivery. They will help clear all your doubts and also help you take the necessary steps to speed up your recovery in the postpartum period.

11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Your C-Section Delivery


Discussing your concerns with your doctor can better prepare you for the process and also keep you calm and relaxed / Image credit: Freepik

Is C-Section Delivery Painful And How Long Will The Procedure Last?

Generally, a c-section delivery is not painful, as you will be administered anesthesia, usually in the form of a spinal block or an epidural. This will help numb the lower part of your body, and you will not experience any kind of pain when the incision is made in your abdominal area.

Also, you will be awake during the entire duration of the surgical procedure. The procedure itself can last for 45 minutes or more and is followed by another 30 minutes of post-surgery wound dressing and management. 

Will Spinal Anesthesia Lead To Back Problems In The Future?

Anesthesia is a pivotal part of c-section delivery. While there are no side effects of anesthesia if it is administered correctly, in rare cases it could lead to back pain in the future. Hence, have a detailed discussion with your doctor on this, and ask them if there are any potential risks involved. If your doctor warns you about backache, then enquire about any treatment or prevention methods available. 

Can I Eat Before The Surgery?

The process of bringing a new life into the world can really work up your appetite. Hence, it’s best to check with your healthcare provider to determine when and what can you eat before the surgery.

After the surgery, your ob-gyn will advise you to drink liquids and consume light meals. To prevent stomach concerns or gas after delivery, your doctor may recommend you have easy-to-digest foods, such as khichdi, or rice and dal.

Will My Partner Be Able To Stay In The Room During The Procedure?

Having your partner right beside you during this surgical procedure can give you a lot of strength, and help you stay relaxed and calm. The good news is that almost all private hospitals in India allow your partner or family member in the operating room, during your c-section. So ensure to confirm with your doctor whether your partner can stay right beside you to support you throughout the entire process.

How Soon Can I See My Baby?


You may have to wait until you shift to the recovery room to see and hold your little one / Image credit: Freepik

While you may want to hold and see your munchkin immediately, you may have to wait just a tad bit longer. Generally, after a c-section delivery, mums are required to wait until they are in the recovery room to hold their little one. This usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

When Can I Start Nursing My Baby?

A study by the National Library of Medicine notes that you can begin nursing your baby almost immediately after your c-section. However, it’s still a good idea to confirm with your doctor when can you start breastfeeding, and enquire if you’ve received any pain medications that may interfere with your milk production.

Also, make sure to ask your doctor about the best nursing positions after a c-section delivery. Two positions that work well are the football hold, which avoids any kind of pressure on your incision, and the side-lying hold, where you can rest comfortably while your little one feeds. 

How Long Will I Be In The Hospital?

This depends on how well your body is recovering after the surgery. Usually, new mums are advised to stay in the hospital for an average of 2-4 days, but this can vary based on your condition. Still, consult your doctor about the average number of days you will be spending in the hospital so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time, and pack your essentials accordingly.

Do I Need To Take Special Care To Avoid Abdominal Strain?

It is crucial to maintain minimal pressure on your abdomen following a c-section delivery. This is because your internal scars need time to recover and heal. Moreover, too much pressure on your abdomen can increase the risk of hernia after a c-section. Hence, discuss with your doctor various tips to avoid abdominal strain, and how to manage the pain. 

How Do I Take Care Of My C-Section Scar?


Your doctor will recommend safety tips to ensure your c-section scars heal properly / Image credit: Freepik

After removing the staples or stitches from your incision, your doctor will cover the c-section scar with a paper tape-loke product. This tape will help keep your wound closed and clean, and it will dissolve on its own once your scars heal.

Ask your doctor whether there are any other precautionary steps that you should follow while caring for your c-section scar. For instance, if it’s safe for you to put water in that area, or what to do if you are experiencing pain. 

How Long Is The Recovery Period?

After your c-section delivery, you will have to rest for about six weeks. However, in some cases, this duration may vary. That’s why it’s safe to ask your doctor about how long should you be on bed rest after getting discharged from the hospital. Also, ensure to check on the activities that you should avoid during your recovery period.

When Can I Resume Having Sex After C-Section Delivery?

While sex might be the last thing to cross your mind after your little one’s arrival, it is still an essential topic that you should discuss with your doctor. In the case of vaginal delivery, doctors suggest couples wait at least six weeks before getting physically intimate, but this duration can be longer in the case of c-section delivery. 

Consult your doctor to know more about resuming your sex life after c-section delivery, and whether you should take contraceptive pills.


We understand that the thought of having a c-section delivery can seem quite scary. But don’t worry, as with the right support from your doctor, you will be able to overcome your fears easily. So make sure to discuss these questions with your doctor, as they will prepare you for the surgical procedure, and also help you stay relaxed throughout the entire process. 

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