How New Dads Can Support Breastfeeding Mums

How New Dads Can Support Breastfeeding Mums

3 Jun 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 340 Articles

A mum is the only one who can breastfeed the baby, but that does not mean she must be alone in the breastfeeding journey. In fact, with a partner’s support, a new mum is more likely to breastfeed for longer.

Dads might feel a little out of place when it comes to breastfeeding, and that’s understandable, but they can still play a big role in the breastfeeding journey by supporting their partners.

Here’s how:

5 Ways New Dads Can Support Breastfeeding Mums

1. Be part of the process

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience but also has its own challenges. A breastfeeding mum may face latching problems, mastitis and low milk supply. As a mum, who is also adjusting to the changes, your support will help her achieve her breastfeeding goals

Let her know how proud you are of her for breastfeeding and that you can help if she needs professional support. The support you provide will give you the opportunity to assess her mental health and even understand if she is having postpartum depression. You can contact her healthcare service provider if you notice she isn’t doing well. 

Fathers can give the baby a cuddle and comfort her/him so mum can get some free time/ Credit – Freepik

2. Make her feel good

A breastfeeding mum spends a lot of time nursing and some efforts can make her feel special. Breastfeeding also means the new mum needs to either sit down or lie down often to feed the baby, so making sure your partner is comfortable by offering her a pillow or cushion or even asking her if she needs a snack or a drink will make her feel loved and cared for.

Breastfeeding mums get little sleep and rest because of the constant feedings during the early days / Credit – Freepik

3. Do your research

Breastfeeding is common but there are a lot of things that you may need to know. So gaining more knowledge about it can be of great help, in providing her with the support she may need.

Learn about things like the benefits of breastfeeding for the mum and baby, how often do babies need to be fed, breastfeeding positions, how to understand if the baby is hungry and more. 

You can read some books, look for resources online or even get in touch with her doctor. If you can talk to fathers who have experienced this phase can be helpful. 

4. Take care of the baby between feedings

While breastfeeding helps the mum and baby bond, you need not miss out on bonding. You can spend quality time with your newborn in multiple ways. 

You can help by bringing the baby to mum for a feeding, or help to burp the baby after a feeding, take care of the diaper change, or just give your baby a cuddle and comfort her/him so mum can get some free time.

Fathers can look up resources online, read books or contact the doctor to know about breastfeeding and help their partners / Credit – Freepik

5. Help her catch up on sleep

In the early days when mums need to frequently breastfeed it can get tiring. The frequency can be every two hours or more, and your partner may be sleep deprived. 

In between feedings, you can let your partner sleep while you take care of the baby if needed. You can also limit the visitors in the house so that the mum is able to take rest. 

For a first-time mother, breastfeeding can be even more challenging so provide her your help and company to make things easier for her. 











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