25 Easy Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas

25 Easy Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas

13 Apr 2022 | 12 min Read

Reema Shah

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While mothers should be celebrated every day for their selfless love and tirelessly taking care of their family and home while sometimes even juggling their careers. 

However, a special day to honour them and also a day that is like a reminder for everyone around the world, to pause and think of all that mothers do to keep the family healthy, safe, happy and loved is celebrated around the world every year on the second Sunday in May.

This year International Mother’s Day falls on 8 May. It’s a day when all mothers should be celebrated and made to feel special. So why not celebrate your mum? There are many ways you can celebrate the day to make her feel special. 

Besides celebrating the occasion by taking her out for either lunch, dinner or to the movies, you can give her something that she would love. While there are a whole bunch of gifting ideas for a mum, nothing beats the ones that are personalised and made with some effort. Whether you are looking for mother’s day crafts ideas or just simple DIYs there are many options.

Here are some interesting mother’s day crafts that you can try for the most special woman in your life-

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s day 2022

1. Organise With Pretty Shelves

If you have some pieces of wooden blocks lying around in the house, now is the time to make the best use of them. Make the prettiest wall arts by designing wooden shelves on your own. 

You can use different types of wooden materials for the base and the wall in case you want to decorate it on the wall. You can mix and match different wooden blocks and sheets to create a unique look. Not just wall shelves for storage, they can be used to hold small plants and keepsakes too. Don’t forget to paint the blocks to create a bright look.

2. Personalised Keychains

This cute DIY gift is going to be super handy for your busy mum as it will keep all her important keys organised in one place. You can create a customised keychain by either getting her best photo printed on the keychain or even getting other accessories added like hooks or bottle openers. 

Add a personalised note to the keychain and gift it to her. This is a gift that she will use every day and be reminded of your love. 

3. Personalised Pot Holder

The kitchen looks more pleasing to go to with some brightness to the regular tools used. A personalised pot holder serves that purpose while being totally practical. Create a personalised pot holder by adding your pictures with mum on it to keep your mum’s hands safe when handling hot dishes and pans.  Your mum will love this gift that is useful and looks aesthetic.

4. Notepads with Family Photos

This is another pick for the handmade mothers day gifts. Every mum needs a notepad to save important information. So a notepad is another amazing gift idea. A customised notepad cover with some family photos will not just let your mum write about her special memories and make notes, but she will simply adore this sweet gift. Select a picture from a family trip or from your mum’s favourite memory and add it to the cover of the notepad. 

5. Mason Jar Candle

Mason jar candles are perfect mother’s day gifts and come on a budget / Credit – Canva

Candles are one of the best mother’s day arts and crafts gift ideas that you can make in no time at home on a budget. Take a mason jar and fill it with candle wax by mixing her favourite scent. Then label the jar with a cute heart sticker to make it look pretty. Your mum will appreciate this gift and use it to rewind and relax. 

6. Chocolate Strawberries

Try this sweet dessert gift if you are looking for handmade mothers day gifts ideas. Dip some strawberries into a container melted with some chocolates, nuts and truffles to make a delicious Mother’s Day gift. To complete the look, top it off with some colourful chocolate bits and use a colourful ribbon to wrap these in a box. Your mum will simply love munching on these treats.

7. Customised Bracelet

When it comes to handmade mothers day gifts, a bracelet is another great option. If you have a plain band or a chain, just make this DIY bracelet. You can get creative and add small stones and beads as well. Another idea is to wrap a ribbon and chain together to create a classy bracelet accessory. You can also add some pearly beads to make it look fancier. Your mum will value this handmade gift a lot. 

8. Fingerprint Tree

This is one of those easy preschool mother’s day crafts you can ask your little one to make if you are a father looking for some easy ideas. All you need to do is draw a tree in the desired shape you want. Yes, you can even make a heart shape or a cloudy shape. Then paint the background or leave it plain. Dip the fingers in the coloured water and then stamp on the area. 

9. Sweet Lip Scrub

This is one of the easiest DIY mothers day gifts. Lip scrubs are a necessity for lip care and you can remind your mum to use them by making one for her. Make a moisturising and exfoliating lip balm using simple ingredients like brown sugar, sweet honey and some almond oil. You can also add any fragrant oil to make it more appealing. 

10. Cosy Blanket With Photos

If you are looking for ideas that are easy DIY mothers day gifts, pick a blanket and you are good to go. Whether it’s a blanket for the living room or her bedroom, customise a cosy blanket that your mum can use to snuggle up. You can get the best photos printed on the blanket where your mum is on a holiday or any of her major life milestones, best family moments or friendships. Seeing these pictures will surely warm her up with happiness when using the blanket. 

11. Baked Cookies 

Bake some cookies using oatmeal, chocolates or vanilla and package them into a beautiful box. You can also make cookies using peanut butter and raisins for a healthier version. These delicious munchies are perfect for your mom to enjoy on her special day.

12. Smartphone Case

When picking handmade mothers day gifts, this can be another great option. Give your mum a stylish phone cover by adding some personalised moments to it. You can get the phone cover customised with beads and add photos from trips and adventures taken together. Your mum will love showing these to her friends and family.  Make sure that you pick a cover that fully protects the phone from all sides so that your mum finds it practical to use. 

13. Decorative Vase

This is one of the perfect gifts if you are looking for mothers day painting ideas. Use paper-mache or a jute rope to decorate a new or used vase. Take some tissue paper in the colours that your mum likes and cut them out into different shapes and sizes. Then stick these tissue papers on the vase. Use waterproof glue to stick the tissue paper and any other accessories.

You can also make a woven flower vase by using a plain glass vase as a base. Add flowers to the vase and gift them to your mum.

14. Temporary Tattoo Mugs

While you might be wondering what you can gift to cheer up your mum, a temporary tattoo or stamps are going to make any mug look better. Your mum’s favourite beverage will taste even better in a mug especially made for her.

Get some temporary tattoos and carefully peel their plastic. Then paste them into the dry mug and use mod podge to seal the design. Mod podge ensures that the tattoo remains intact even after washing the mug and there you have one of the most amazing handmade mothers day gifts. 

15. Cloth Face Masks

Face masks have become an essential part of keeping ourselves safe before stepping out of the house. It’s become a part of the style too, Gift your mum a personalised cloth face mask that she can pair with her outfits and wear while she’s out running some errands. Add mini animated symbols of things that she likes or some memorable pictures on the mask to make her mask look cute. 

16. Pressed Flowers

This gifting option is another of the many options of handmade mothers day gifts that you can consider. Take an empty glass frame and stick some wilted flowers to it. You can also do this for a door plate. This is a great gift idea if your mum loves flowers. Plus it can be hung in any corner of the room to make the space look vibrant. 

17. Custom Wood Frames

Custom wooden frames can be created using a wooden frame easily at home. You can paint them and carve them with customised messages for your mum. Furthermore, add a family snapshot in the wooden frame to make it look complete. The wooden frame can be kept on a desk anywhere be it at home or at workYou can add multiple photos including one with you and her together. Your mom will feel special and it’s a great present for Mother’s Day.

18. Spices Gift Set

Gift your mum the most common spices that she uses for Mother’s Day / Credit – Pixabay

If you do not know it yet, find out up to six or eight major spices and flavours that your mum uses in the kitchen. For instance, it can be chilli powder, turmeric, black pepper, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and asafoetida. Bottle them up together with labels and add them to a gift box. 

19. Hanging Planters

If your mum’s a plant lover, give her planters that she can add to the balcony or the window space. If she goes to work in the office, you can also give her a mini plant pot that she can place by her desk. As for the office, look for plants like palm plants, snake plants and spider plants.  

This is a perfect gift to give good vibes to your mum and fresh air. You can also add colourful flowers or even add some stickers to the planters to make them look more refreshing.

20. Relaxing Eye Masks

Let your mum relax and unwind after a long day with an eye mask. It is a perfect gift to remind her to take a pause and spare some time for herself. 

Create a DIY eye mask for your mum that she can use at the end of the day. Not just that, she can use it during her flight travels or train travels to block out the light.

21. Terracotta Plant Pot

Gift your mum painted terracotta plant pots on Mother’s Day / Credit – Pixabay

If you are a father who is looking for mother day crafts for preschoolers to help make your child make a gift, the terracotta plant pot is a great idea. A terra-cotta pot is a perfect canvas to paint using vibrant colours and make the pot light up the balcony or your garden area.

Use some pipe cleaners to spell out “mom” or go for some abstract designs. Fill the pot with fresh flowers or plants and gift them to your mum on Mother’s Day.

 22. Custom Puzzles

Not just your mum, but this puzzle gift can become a fun activity for the whole family. Add a memorable family photo to the puzzle and help your mum solve it together with everyone else in the family. Not only will she love this gift but you will all spend quality time together too.

23. Customizable Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers have long sticks that are inserted into the bottle with the fragrant liquid to make any space smell pleasant. You can make your mum’s room smell great by making a scent that she will fall in love with. Mix different essential oils and create a new signature blend for her. 

24. Creative Kitchen Storage

The kitchen can not just look good but feel easier to work in when things are organised well. A storage shelf to store boxes, mugs, utensils and more can come very handy for your mum. A cute wooden organiser can be a perfect way to make the kitchen or dining area look sophisticated. 

25. Customise Sandals With Studs

As Mother’s Day falls between the spring and summer months, a pair of sandals is a perfect gift choice. Add some studs or pearl stones to a simple pair of sandals to make them look stylish. Your mum will look more fashionable with the sandals.


Q1 How can I make a gift for Mother’s Day at home?

There are plenty of homemade mothers day gifts ideas that you can make with the products that are already there in your home. For instance, you can paint a plant pot by writing mum on it, use some scrap cardboard or wooden blocks to create a pretty storage box and any other DIYs.

Q2 What can I do for my mom on Mother’s Day with no money?

Simple gestures like helping her finish her chores, giving her a spa at home and cooking her favourite meal are simply priceless that make mums happy and do not require any money.

Q3 How do you show your mom you love and appreciate her?

Most mums feel happy when you give them a chance to relax. Helping to ease some of her chores like doing the dishes, laundry, watering the plants, arranging the house or even cleaning the furniture in the house will make her feel loved. 


Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show your mom or mother figure in your life how much you care and appreciate them. Creating a personalised Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show how much you love them for their special day.



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