5 Genius Things You Can Do With Baby Powder

5 Genius Things You Can Do With Baby Powder

3 Aug 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 614 Articles

Baby powder can do much more than just treat diaper rashes or soothe their skin. This white powder has many different uses that you probably might have never considered. From removing stains from clothing to keeping your pets smelling fresh, here are some unique benefits of baby powder. 

5 Benefits Of Using Baby Powder

1. Make a Dry Shampoo

Baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo. Take some baby powder and sprinkle it onto your comb. Then run the comb from your hair to the roots. This will help to remove the oil and grease while giving your hair a freshly washed look along with a fresh smell.

This hack works great if you have grey or blonde coloured hair. For those with dark-coloured hair, add a touch of cocoa powder to the baby powder before combing it through. A bit of cinnamon can be added if you have reddish-coloured hair. 

2. Untangle Necklaces

If you have faced instances where your necklace keeps getting tangled, this hack is for you. The struggle and the time that goes behind detangling those necklaces also bring a risk of breaking the chain which can make it un-wearable permanently. So if you have tangles in your necklace, reach out for the baby powder and sprinkle it over your chain which will help loosen up the knot. Then you can try untangling the chain without worrying about breaks or kinks in the chain. 

3. Ease Waxing Pain

Waxing is one of the most convenient ways to remove unwanted hair but it can be painful and cause redness. Applying a little bit of baby powder before applying the wax will help to make the waxing process less painful. This is because the baby powder absorbs moisture which allows the wax to work better because it adheres to every single hair. It also makes the skin less red and leaves it smoother. 

4. Freshen Shoes

Smelly shoes in the house? Just take some baby powder and eliminate that odour. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes that tend to cause an odour when your feet are exposed to sweat or an old pair of shoes, this hack does wonders. 

Take some baby powder and sprinkle it lightly inside your shoes and let them sit overnight. Shake out the baby powder in the morning or just leave it in for really bad odours. The baby powder will kill those stubborn odours by continuing to absorb moisture, making your shoes smell fresher.

benefits of baby powder and uses for baby powder
Not just for babies, but there are many amazing uses for baby powder which are effective / Credit – Canva

5. Freshen Moldy Books

Freshen up your old books by sprinkling some baby powder over them. The baby powder absorbs the extra moisture while getting rid of any mould that has formed on the books. The bonus is baby powder is relatively inexpensive which makes it a great alternative to those costlier products. Get this product now to address any of the above issues that you may be facing.

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