75+ Unique Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boys And Girls With Meanings 

75+ Unique Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boys And Girls With Meanings 

13 Oct 2022 | 4 min Read

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Did you know that Lord Murugan is one of the most revered Hindu Gods, with his followers spread across South India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore? He is also the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the elder brother of Lord Ganesha. Lord Murugan is also known as the Lord of warcraft and is the commander-in-chief of the army of Hindu Gods, popularly referred to as Senapati.

If you are a devout worshipper of Lord Murugan, or his brave acts interest and inspire you, then you should definitely check out this unique list of Lord Murugan names for baby boys and girls. These names have a positive connotation and evoke a sense of reverence in your little one.

Lord Murugan Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Lord Murugan Names
Browse through this list of Lord Murugan names for baby boys and their rich meanings / Image credit: Pexels
Lord Murugan NamesMeaning Of Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boy
AranmakanRefers to the son of Lord Shiva
ArumugamOne with six faces
BalamuruganRefers to young Murugan
BhaktavatsalayaPraise be to Thee
ChettySynonym for Lord Murugan, also means mind
DandapaniRefers to ‘he who punishes’
DeyvanayakantanConsort of Devayani
DvinadhbhujayaRefers to the ‘Lord with 12 hands’
DvinanetrayaThis name means the ‘one with 12 eyes’
GangasiruvanGanga’s boy
GauranandanRefers to the son of Gauri
GuhayaThe invisible Lord
GuruPriest or teacher
IlamuruguRefers to the young version of lord Murugan
KadambhanWielder of Kadamba stick or Kadambhan
KandanAnother name for Lord Murugan, means cloud
KarthikeyanBright star clusters
KatireshanThis name means Lord of Katir
Kumara VelAnother name for Lord Murugan, means youthful
KumaranEternal youth
KundrakkhudiyonSomeone who lives in the mountains
KurinjvedanConsort of Kurinji
ManoharanOne who steals hearts
MayilGraceful as a peacock. Lord Murugan’s vehicle is the peacock.
MayonRefers to the dark God
MuttaiThis name denotes Lord Murugan’s third eye
MurukanGod of war
PisidasaprabhajanayaDestroyer of asuras
SangatPresence or company
SanatanThe eternal one
SaurjyeshGod of courage
ShanmukhaThe first son of Lord Shiva
SenapatiLord Murugan is the commander/Senapati of the army of Hindu Gods
SendanDivine or youthful
SendhilThis Lord Murugan name means the formidable one
SevvelIt means the wielder of the vel or lance
ShivikahanarOne who uses a peacock as a vehicle
SiddhanAnother name for Lord Murugan, meaning successful or accomplished
SingaravelanOne who is fond of dressing up
SkandayaThe vanquisher of the mighty foes
SubrahmaniyanPrecious, or jewel
SuresanThe Lord of the Gods
UmasutaGoddess Parvati’s son
VallmanalanThis name stands for the consort of Valli
VelanThe spear wielded by Lord Murugan
VishakhanHaving many branches

Lord Murugan Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Lord Murugan Names
Lord Murugan names for baby girls are unique and have divine connotations / Image credit: Freepik
Lord Murugan NamesMeaning Of Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boy
AkshagnaOne of the many names of Lord Murugan
DanishaLord of Donation
DamyitriyaRefers to Lord Shiva
DeveshaChief of the Gods, Princess
DharanaOne who is knowledgeable
HridayaSomeone with a spiritual heart
HrishtaSomeone who is happy or joyous
KirtanRefers to Goddess Saraswati
KriyaReligious action
KatyayaniAnother name of Goddess Durga, Daughter of ARishi Katyayani
ManasviniSomeone who is bright-minded
MaanadaRefers to the moon
Mrugesha Refers to Lord Murugan
NetraA person with beautiful eyes
NishakaSomeone who is honest and pure
PavnaPure, holy
ShastiSomeone with royal authority
SarvadhynaOne who is omnipresent
SeyonNurturing and protective
ShuchayaShining, bright
SoumyaA delicate person
VaradaOne who grants wishes
VadanyaA generous person
VidulaPlanet Earth
VishakhaA star


We hope our list of Lord Murugan names helps you find the perfect moniker for your little prince and princess. Since all the names define Lord Murugan and his characteristics, consider the significance of each name before zeroing in on the final one. 

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