133 Modern Baby Boy Names

133 Modern Baby Boy Names

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Choosing a modern name for the little one is an important task. Plus, it’s quite exciting for the expecting couples to make a list of names for the new member. By the time the baby is born, you must have decided different names for the little one and your family and friends might also have suggested some. If you feel that those names are just not reaching your heart and sound too backdated, here’s a list of modern Indian baby boy names.

We have also added the meaning of the modern names for boys so that you can make an informed decision. Scroll through the list to find the right one for your baby boy.

modern baby boy names
Start making a list of the names for your little one as it will help you pick one easily. | Image Source: pexels

List Of Top Modern And Stylish Names For Baby Boys

If you are looking for some of the modern Indian names, you are at the right place for sure. Here’s a list of modern baby boy names:

  1. Aaban – A name of the angel.
  1. Aadavan – This name refers to the sun.
  1. Aagney – Someone who is born from fire.
  1. Aakaar –  This name refers to a shape.
  1. Aakav – This name means a “form or shape.”
  1. Aamirah – An inhabitant.
  1. Aashman – The son of the sun.
  1. Abbot – The father.
  1. Abhibhava – Someone who is victorious.
  1. Abhimand – Someone who is gladdening.
  1. Adair – To be fortunate and powerful.
  1. Ajinkya – Someone who cannot be defeated.
  1. Alec – The defender of mankind.
  1. Alif – It refers to the first character in Hijaiyah.
  1. Amr – It is an Arabic name.
  1. Aranya – This name means forest.
  1. Aubrey – This name means power.
  1. Balamohan – Someone who is attractive.
  1. Barun – The lord of the sea.
  1. Bashir – Someone who is a harbinger of good and positive things.
  1. Bhadrak – Someone handsome, brave, and kind.
  1. Bishr – This name means joy.
  1. Brahmadutt – This name is dedicated to the lord Brahma.
  1. Bryant – Someone who is strong and powerful.
  1. Chahel – Someone who is cheerful and happy.
  1. Chaitya – One who is perceivable.
  1. Chandramauli – Someone who wears the moon on head.
  1. Charun – Someone who has beautiful eyes.
  1. Chitral – It means a variety of colours.
  1. Chitrarath – Another name for the sun.
  1. Cole – The prince of red roses.
  1. Connor – This name means over of hounds.
  1. Cordero – The lamb.
  1. Daiwik – The grace of God.
  1. Daniel – The God.
  1. Danish – To be forgiving and merciful.
  1. Deekshant – The gift of God.
  1. Deveshwar – Another name for Lord Shiva.
  1. Dhir – One who values patience and persistence.
  1. Ebadaah – This name means prayer to the omniscient Allah.
  1. Ehit – One who’s “ever-smiling.”
  1. Ekachith – A person with just one mind.
  1. Ekadant – It is another name of Lord Ganesha.
  1. Erish – Cherishable.
  1. Fanishwar – Another name for the lord of Serpents.
  1. Faaris – Horseman or knight.
  1. Fintan – An Irish name that means “white fire”.
  1. Fravash – Angelic.
  1. Frey A name with Scandinavian origin and means the “exalted one.”
  1. Fuad – The heart.
  1. Gadin – A name of lord Krishna.
  1. Garrett – This name means spear strength.
  1. Garry – This name means a spear.
  1. Grahish – The lord of the planets.
  1. Granthik – This name means an astrologer or a narrator.
  1. Gulzar – This name means a gardener.
  1. Haarith – This name is derived from Arabic and means a ploughman.
  1. Hariaksh – Another name for lord Shiva.
  1. Harin – Something pure.
  1. Harishva – Another name for lord Shiva.
  1. Haroon – The name of a prophet.
  1. Henley – Something that is “high clearing.”
  1. Horatio – A timekeeper.
  1. Ibhanan – Another name for the Elephant God.
  1. Idhant – One who is luminous and effervescent.
  1. Iham – This name means “expected.”
  1. Ikshan – This name means sight or superintendence.
  1. Irish – The lord of the Earth.
  1. Jaabir – It means a comforter.
  1. Joshit – Something pleasing.
  1. Jyran – This name means “lost love.”
  1. Kahan – Another name for the lord Krishna.
  1. Kanal – Something that’s shining.
  1. Kanav – Something pleasant yet has a lot of depth.
  1. Labeeb – It means sensible and intelligent.
  1. Lakshan – It means auspicious marks.
  1. Leon – Another name for lion.
  1. Lathan – God-gifted.
  1. Levi – It means to get attached.
  1. Maharth – To be truthful.
  1. Mahin – This name means “Earth.”
  1. Manayu – To be devoted.
  1. Mayin – Something derived from the Rig Veda.
  1. Milo – A soldier.
  1. Monty – A mountain belonging to the ruler.
  1. Naksh – It means the moon.
  1. Nakul – Another name for lord Shiva.
  1. Naman – This name means good fundamental nature.
  1. Nayan – This name means “the eye.”
  1. Neer – This name means “water” in Sanskrit.
  1. Omkar – Derived from the Hindu syllable “Om”, this name has religious sentiments to it.
  1. Onain – This name means vision.
  1. Orman – This name means a seaman.
  1. Pathin – It refers to a traveller.
  1. Phoenix – A Greek name that means “dark red.”
  1. Posha – Prosperity.
  1. Pravir – One who is brave.
  1. Purav – This name means “the east.”
  1. Qaisar – An “emperor.”
  1. Qays – A name that has a resounding effect.
  1. Rakshan – This name means protector.
  1. Rathik – The rider of the chariot or loved one.
  1. Remy – A French name that means “oarsmen.”
  1. Rodas – A contemporary name that means “heaven and earth.”
  1. Sabhya – Something that’s refined.
  1. Sahas – This name means bravery.
  1. Sahir – It is an Urdu name that means charming.
  1. Salil – This name means water.
  1. Sankalp – This name means “determination.”
  1. Sarin – One who is helpful.
  1. Taizeen – It means encouragement.
  1. Tanay – This name means a son.
  1. Taraksh – This name means a “mountain.”
  1. Tarosh – Something heavenly.
  1. Tavish – To be strong and energetic.
  1. Udit – To rise.
  1. Ved – A scripture or text.
  1. Vihaan – This name refers to the time of dawn when the sun is rising.
  2. Vyan – This name means “breath of life or giving.”
  1. Vyom – The sky.
  1. Vyas – This name originates from “Vyas,” a revered sage and scholar who compiled the Vedas, the Puranas, and the famous Mahabharata.
  1. Vivek – Conscience.
  1. Vivaan – Another name for lord Krishna.
  1. Waahid – This name refers to uniqueness.
  1. Wuar – Fire.
  1. Xander – To defend.
  1. Yajvan – A Sanskrit name that means calm and peaceful.
  1. Yuvan – It means healthy and young.
  2. Yuvaan – Youthful.
  1. Yashvir – One who is brave.
  1. Yash – Success.
  1. Yakshit – The Almighty.
  1. Zev – This name means a deer or wolf.

These were some of the modern boy names to choose from.

modern names for boys
The name of your son can be indicative of who he will grow up to be and help instil qualities in little one indirectly. | Image Source: pexels

Parents often look for modern Indian baby boy names starting with ‘d’ and modern boy names starting with ‘r’. Hence, we have created our list keeping in mind all such requests.

We hope that our list of modern names for baby boys help you to choose the perfect one for your little one. The name of your son can be indicative of who he will grow up to be and help instil qualities in little one indirectly.


If you want to have a look at more such modern name of boys, you can refer to the baby names finder.

For more tips on pregnancy and parenting, you can download the BabyChakra App, the best Apps for mom today. We wish you good luck as you embark on your journey to parenthood!

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