6 Must-Have Foods For Lactating Mums

6 Must-Have Foods For Lactating Mums

27 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Sayani Basu

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Lactating mums should follow a good diet chart plan to increase breast milk and its quality. Although there is no specific diet that a breastfeeding mum needs to follow, there can always be some things that can be taken care of when it comes to a healthy diet for them as the little one benefits from breastfeeding. Take a look at the list of Indian foods for lactating mums.

List Of Foods For Lactating Mums

Here’s a list of some Indian foods that should be included in the diet plan for lactating mums:

  1. Iron and protein: Iron and protein are important nutrients that are required by breastfeeding mums.

Dry fruits, lentils, green leafy vegetables and peas are enriched with iron and are crucial for the breastfeeding mum. You can also eat citrus fruits that are high in Vitamin C to help your body absorb iron.

Some of the best sources to consume protein are almonds, cashew, nuts, seeds, mixed grains, beans, chicken breasts, eggs, paneer, and lentils.

Most of these protein-rich foods are a good source of Omega 3 acids that favour the brain development of the little one.

  1. Fruits: Eating a bowl or two of varied fruits is a healthy choice for lactating mums. Often, new mums experience constipation and consuming fruits help to relieve it and provide the desired nutrients to the body.
vegetables to eat while breastfeeding
Mangoes are rich in essential nutrients that are requisite for improving the quality of breast milk. Image Source: freepik

Fruits like bananas, pears, pomegranate, mangoes, apricots, muskmelon, oranges and grapefruit are good sources of potassium, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

  1. Vegetables: Vegetables also provide the desired nutrients to the breastfeeding mother’s body. Rich in antioxidants, vegetables further help the growth of certain nutrients that make breast milk.

A lactating mum should consume at least three bowls of vegetables each day.

According to the USDA, the consumption of vegetables like spinach, carrots, beetroots, pumpkins, tomatoes and red peppers are highly beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

  1. Whole grains: Doctors also recommend consuming lots of whole grains and whole-grain foods for lactating mums as these are highly nutritious and easily digestible.

Some of the whole-grain foods to include in a lactating mum’s diet include whole wheat flour, oats and broken wheat daliya, brown rice, quinoa, ragi, and museli.

  1. Dairy: Calcium can be sucked out of the mum’s body during pregnancy and can also lead to a deficiency of Vitamin D.

Some dairy products can help in normalising the levels of calcium and Vitamin D and can strengthen the immune system.

fruits good for breastfeeding mother
Consuming dairy products like yoghurt are a safe option to enhance the quality of breast milk. | Image Source: freepik

Consuming milk, cheese and yoghurt are safe options. If you are not fond of dairy products, you can consume green leafy vegetables and grains.

  1. Additional supplements: Besides a healthy and nutritious diet, there are certain additional supplements that the breastfeeding mum’s body needs and can’t find in food.

In many cases, the new mum is even allergic to food that is supposed to give them high nutrition. This is when the additional supplements come to play.

Therefore, it is recommended to include additional supplements after consulting your doctor.
A mother’s milk has all the nutrients a baby needs and is the best natural food for the little ones. Plus, breast milk contains antibodies that help the little one fight off infections and boost the developing immune system.



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