Why I Chose To Breastfeed?

Why I Chose To Breastfeed?

6 Jul 2018 | 4 min Read

Rebecca Prakash

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Today, my daughter completes 6 months (180 days) and this marks   my 6 months of exclusive Breastfeeding journey, I had no knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding when I was pregnant, I wanted to wean off my baby by 6 months no matter what. By end of 3rd month, I realised what I’m producing is nothing but liquid gold, I educated myself with the benefits of breastfeeding and I have decided I will continue to feed till 2 yrs.


Note: You are free to choose what you want to feed your baby, this post is to encourage the new moms here. If you are feeding formula due to unavoidable situation please continue doing it, I’m not here to offend anyone.


How to prepare yourself to breastfeed while you are pregnant?

1. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, WHO recommends 2 years or above breastfeeding, it’s going to give you ample of quality time between you and your baby, introducing of solids is going to be easy with breastfeeding, gives immense comfort to the baby during sickness, growth spurts, teething etc.

2. Educate your family on breastmilk, your husband has to know how breastfeeding works. There will be days you will feel like giving up and grabbing that bottle, at this time husbands can be of great support to motivate you. And “THE BOSS” mother in law; should be well informed because in most cases it’s them who finds our milk too watery, less nutritious, less flow, not enough for the baby or “baby bahut kamzor”. When you have your family support you will get enough strength however if you do not get.. Please put your foot down, your baby so your choice.

3. Let the Boobs be ready. Sore nipples are common in pregnancy but that’s big hindrance when it comes to feeding,; Apply nipple cream or coconut oil and keep it soft and supple.

4. Few babies will latch immediately but some takes time, do not panic or fret over. Keep watching lot of YouTube videos on how to latch the baby or be open to meet lactation specialist.

5. Your hospital doctor might provide or suggest you a pediatrician, however check if the paediatrician is breastfeeding friendly doctor.

Here’re a few things you will go through while breastfeeding:

1. It’s definitely not an easy job. I mean you are already sore and tired after delivery and then they will ask you to feed the baby. Not easy, but remember colostrum is most nutritious thing you can feed your little one.

2. Supply issue, lot of questions on this and constant answer is ” the more you latch the more you will produce” Keep latching. I know lot of moms who weaned off bottles in 1 month and exclusively breast fed. You got to believe in your milk, if you think it’s not sufficient then yes not sufficient, trust and feed the baby, also not necessarily babies will cry because they are hungry.. So do not think your milk is not enough. Babies cry for no reason at all.

3. Sleep less night biggest challenge. Yes the baby will wake up atleast 4 to 5 time initially then it will gradually decrease, breastfed baby will sleep maximum up to 4 or 5 hrs. So you would need to get up and feed. You may choose to feed lying down, this will help you to get some rest.

4. Feeding in public- Many of you will find this difficult but have a ” What the heck attitude” and feed like a boss, Your boobs and your baby. Buy comfortable feeding stole or feeding cover, nothing and no one is important than your baby’s hunger.

Here’re a few things to do while feeding :


1. Do not use mobile phones unless and until it’s a must. Feeding is your quality time with your baby, so zero distraction.

2. Gently pat your baby, that way they will know your concentration is on them.

3. If you are upset please change your moods while feeding, its believed we pass all our mood to our baby.

4. Wait till the baby unlatch on its own, Do not look at the clock.


If you have any questions on breastfeeding do post your questions.

Breast milk is your baby’s Birth Right, Do give your best.


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