How To Take A Road Trip With Toddlers: Helpful Tips, Packing Checklist, And More

How To Take A Road Trip With Toddlers: Helpful Tips, Packing Checklist, And More

3 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

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Buckle up! You are about to embark on a road trip with your toddler, which means you are in for the ride of your life. Don’t worry, we are just kidding! While road trips with toddlers have a reputation for being stressful, long, and filled with crumbs and complaints, you can reach your destination with your sanity intact, and maybe even a smile on your face.

Wondering what’s the secret? It’s all in the planning! From prepping ahead and figuring out the ideal time to leave, loading up on essential items like baby wipes, diapers, and foaming handwash, and picking out the best places to stop, you can make the journey more memorable and enjoyable. 

In this post, we share all the secrets to having a great road trip with toddlers, the essentials to pack, and the mistakes to avoid during the journey.

Helpful Tips For Taking A Road Trip With Your Toddler

Tips for taking a road trip with your toddler
Planning the basics of your trip ahead, such as selecting a suitable departure time, and mapping your route can make the journey stress-free / Image credit: Pexels

In brief, successful road trips with toddlers involve making plenty of stops and bringing loads of snacks and toys to keep your little one distracted. We have mentioned a few tips in this section to help you streamline and plan the journey to ensure your toddler’s comfort.

Consider Your Departure Time

Try to start the journey at a time when your tot is likely to fall asleep quickly. For instance, starting early in the morning, or after bedtime can put your toddler off to sleep for at least some part of the journey. 

Departing during their nap time might work too, but you may want to steer clear of the rush hour traffic. The constant stop-and-go will only add unnecessary time and stress to your trip.

Plan for Breaks

It’s essential to take frequent breaks while taking long-distance car trips with your little one. Be prepared to make a stop after every two hours or so, and use this time to encourage your toddler to stretch a little bit and walk around. You can also take your tot to a safe place during breaks, and let them burn off some energy by playing with a toy ball. 

Map Your Route Beforehand

Instead of planning on the go, figure out your route before you start the journey. Figure out a path that has plenty of snack and picnic spots, public bathrooms, and restaurants. Also ensure that there are hotels along your route, just in case you have to make a stop for the night. Planning will avoid having you drive extra hours in search of suitable spots.

Keep Your Toddlers Games and Toys Close 

Tips for taking a road trip with your toddler
Keep your toys favourite toys and books close to you to help keep them occupied during the trip / Image credit: Freepik

Your little one might enjoy gazing out the window at the scenery for a little while. But at some point, they may start to get antsy and fussy, and that’s where toys and games can help distract them.

Therefore, pack a lot of toys and game activities to distract them during the trip. You can consider packing their soft toys, crayons, colouring, storybooks, and miniature toys that they usually play at home with. Avoid bringing toys with small pieces that could easily fall or get misplaced, such as lego bricks.

Prepare for Queasiness

If you sense that your little one is starting to feel nauseous, pull down the windows, and encourage them to look out the window, instead of focusing on their toys and books. Also, carry a tummy relief roll-on with you, formulated with organic and plant-based actives like ginger oil, nutmeg oil, and peppermint oil that relieve gas and flatulence problems in your little one, and ease their digestion to curb nausea.


Must-Have Road Trip Essentials For Toddlers

Must-have road trip essentials for toddlers
Some must-have essentials for a road trip with toddlers include extra sets of diapers, baby wipes, and hand sanitiser / Image credit: Freepik

We have created a toddler travel checklist to help ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your family. Take a look at the essentials to pack, and make sure to keep them handy, and close to you in a space that is easily accessible. 

Personal Care Items

Toddler Comforts

  • Pillow and blankets
  • Water
  • Toys and books
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Soft toys

Apart from these essential items, don’t forget to pack some tasty homemade snacks to enjoy during your stops on the journey. Some healthy snacks that you can pack include yoghurt, sandwiches, bite-sized fruit pieces, vegetable chips, fresh-cut veggies with a side of hummus, and mini crackers and biscuits.

Road trips with toddlers can certainly be a little taxing, but with a little advanced planning, you can navigate this journey smoothly and comfortably. Follow our toddler travel checklist to navigate your trip, and make sure to pack all the essentials that we’ve mentioned at least a few days before the travel to avoid last-minute stress and panic. 

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