6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Growth And Development

6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Growth And Development

24 Aug 2022 | 6 min Read

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At 6 weeks pregnant, you might have PMS-like symptoms. These include fatigue, sore breasts, and headaches. You may also experience morning sickness. Your baby is still very tiny, about the size of a grain of a pomegranate seed. Your baby’s heart is beginning to beat and its brain and spinal cord are also growing.

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Your Baby’s Development At 6 Weeks

During the 6th week of pregnancy, the embryo has an optic ventricle, which will later form the eyes. There are other distinguishing features, such as the nose, ears, and jaw, which too are beginning to take shape. Limb buds that will become the arms and legs are sprouting. The digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems are in the very early stages of development.

How big Is your baby at 6 weeks pregnant?

The 6-week fetus size is about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, or about the size of a pomegranate seed or grain of rice. 

Pregnancy Week 6 Fetal Development

The spinal cord and baby’s brain start to develop from the neural tube. The heart and other organs also start to form. Structures necessary to the formation of the eyes and ears develop. Small buds appear that will soon become arms.

6 weeks pregnant
It is important to stay hydrated at 6 weeks pregnant and throughout the pregnancy journey / Credit – Canva

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Here are some of the common six-week pregnant symptoms- 

  • morning sickness
  • increase in urination
  • fatigue
  • sore or swollen breasts
  • darker and larger areolas around the nipples
  • feeling irritated or emotional

It is normal for some 6 weeks pregnant women to have no symptoms at all.

Some twin pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks include severe morning sickness, more breast tenderness and quick weight gain. The expecting mum may also experience an increase in her appetite or extreme fatigue.

6 Weeks Pregnant
Light exercise and staying active is a must at 6 weeks pregnant / Credit – Canva

Your Body At Week 6 Of Pregnancy

During the 6th week of pregnancy, you may be dealing with morning sickness and tiredness, along with other early signs of pregnancy. Your symptoms could also include a metallic taste in your mouth and sore breasts.

However, the signs of ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks, may include irregular bleeding and abdominal pain or pelvic pain usually on one side only.

6 Weeks Pregnant Belly

You’re unlikely to have a 6-week pregnant belly and from the outside, which might look the same as it always does, or maybe even a little smaller.

6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound: Do You Need It?

At 6 weeks, you won’t be able to see much detail about your baby. The 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound should be able to confirm the gestation age by measuring either the gestation sac or the foetal pole if it is visible.

Self-Care Tips For 6 Weeks Pregnancy

  1. Drink enough fluids
  2. Eat at least 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks every day. 
  3. Have a minimum of three meals and two snacks regularly. 
  4. Choose foods that have important vitamins for your baby, such as calcium, iron, and folate
  5. Eat fish that is lower in mercury
  6. Avoid foods that could harm your baby.
6 weeks pregnant
At 6 weeks pregnant, it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol as it can cause harm to your baby / Image source- Canva

Pregnancy Checklist At 6 Weeks Pregnant

Prepare for Your First Prenatal Visit

Is your first prenatal visit coming up soon? It can be a momentous occasion: You’ll talk to your doctor or midwife about your pregnancy, and you may have an ultrasound and see your baby’s tiny heart beating! Be prepared to discuss your health history, your family’s medical history, and your habits. If you haven’t yet chosen a doctor or midwife to care for you during your pregnancy, go ahead and find someone so you can get started on your prenatal care. You can always switch to another caregiver later if you want.

Research Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it’s better to skip some foods completely. You also need to take a few precautions like cooking them thoroughly. Talk to your doctor and find out what’s safe to eat and drink during pregnancy and what to avoid.

Learn About Prenatal Testing Options

There are screening tests that use blood samples and an ultrasound to determine the baby’s chances of having down syndrome or any other chromosomal differences. 

Make Sure Your Workplace Is Safe

Some jobs or hobbies can be hazardous to you and your developing baby. If you’re routinely exposed to chemicals and heavy metals like mercury or lead, inform at work and make some changes as soon as possible.

Try to Reduce Stress

Chronic stress isn’t good for you or your baby. Try to manage stress during pregnancy by surrounding yourself with positive people, taking breaks, doing yoga and listening to music or journaling. 

What To Ask Your Doctor?

Ask your doctor about what exercises and medicines are safe for you. Also, ask about weight gain and any diet changes that you need to make. You can also ask about your skincare routine.

Things To Note

At 6 weeks pregnant, you might hardly look pregnant. Even the 6th-week pregnancy symptoms which are a part of the first trimester are just beginning and some women may show no symptoms at all. However, it is important to seek medical help when needed and take care of the diet and health. For better understanding, track your pregnancy week by week.


What can I expect to see on a 6-week ultrasound?
6-week ultrasound usually shows a gestational sac with a yolk-like sac inside. This helps to provide nutrients for a developing fetus early on in pregnancy. At week 6, your baby is about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, or about the size of a pomegranate seed or grain of rice.

Is there a heartbeat at 6 weeks?
A fetal heartbeat may first be detected by a vaginal ultrasound as early as 5 1/2 to 6 weeks after gestation.

Can you see a baby in a 6-week ultrasound?
At six weeks pregnant, some part of the fetus is visible, which lets the doctor determine whether a pregnancy will be viable or not.

How do I know my pregnancy is going well at 6 weeks?

Your baby’s heart will begin to beat around this time, and might even be detected on ultrasound examination.

What should you not do at 6 weeks pregnant?
Do not eat raw or undercooked meat, chicken, or high mercury fish. Avoid drinking alcohol too.



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