Early Signs Of Pregnancy At 1 Week: Here’s All You Need To Know

Early Signs Of Pregnancy At 1 Week: Here’s All You Need To Know

18 Aug 2022 | 6 min Read

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One of the very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week is a missed menstrual period. Other early pregnancy signs of pregnancy at one week include nausea which can be with or without vomiting. Breasts tend to feel tender, along with a swelling or tingling feeling or noticeable blue veins. For an accurate result, the best time to take a 1-week pregnancy test at home is after a missed period.

Can You Feel Symptoms 1 Week After Conception? 

Some women have no 1st-week pregnancy symptoms, while others may experience symptoms such as mild cramping, fatigue and breast tenderness. Normally, medical professionals determine whether the woman is one week pregnant from the first day of her last menstrual period.

Pregnancy Symptoms In Week 1 

Here are some major one-week pregnancy symptoms-

  • nausea with or without vomiting
  • headache
  • mild cramping in the pelvic or discomfort without bleeding
  • bloating or gas
  • tiredness or fatigue
  • frequent urination
  • raised basal body temperature
  • breast changes like tingling, tenderness, swelling, or prominent blue veins

Consult a doctor if you’re experiencing these signs of pregnancy at 1 week. Many women also commonly ask “period came 1 week early am I pregnant”? Getting your period early usually means a slight imbalance in your hormones. These fluctuations are common and are typically nothing to worry about, they don’t indicate pregnancy.

very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week
Take a pregnancy test if you are experiencing some of the very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week / Credit – Canva

Your Baby’s Development At 1 Week

At 1 week pregnant, the digestive system of the baby and the heart and circulatory system begin to form. The baby’s eyes and ears also begin to develop.

How Big Is Baby At 1 Week?

During your 1st week of pregnancy which is a part of your first trimester, your baby weighs about 1/8 of an ounce which is just slightly bigger than a penny. The tadpole-like tail of the growing baby is almost gone and in its place are two little legs. At this point, your baby’s head is still huge compared to the rest of the body. However, it will get more proportional in the weeks to come.

1 Week Ultrasound

When you go for a 1-week pregnancy test, there’s no ultrasound image of your baby-to-be. In fact, it is the same until week 2 as well. 

Self-Care Tips for 1 Week Pregnant

Keep a Diary
Note your daily thoughts or just write how you feel in a diary. You can even treat yourself by getting a special new notebook and pen. Writing down your feelings can be very therapeutic and satisfying. 

Enjoy Some Bonding Time

Set some time aside as a couple to do things you love with your partner. You can have a date night or day, go on a picnic or head to the nearest city and explore it anew together. You may also book a weekend away if possible.

very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week
Couples can take a short weekend trip or date night once the doctor confirms that the very early signs of pregnancy 1 week are actually pregnancy / Credit – Canva

Relax With a Bath

Indulge in some me-time with a long and relaxing bath. You both can set aside one night in a week to completely spoil yourself. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to warm water and light some candles to relax in warm water.

Week 1 Checklist

  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin if you haven’t started already after seeking a doctor’s advice
  • Note down the date of your last period.
  • Create a family health history with your partner, to see if there have been any genetic or chromosomal disorders.
  • Try to quit smoking and reduce any other bad health habits.
very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week
After you experience the very early signs of pregnancy 1 week and the doctor confirms it, use a diary to journal out your thoughts as part of self-care / Credit – Canva

Advice for Partners

Pregnancy is between partners which means both parties must take care of their health and well-being. Partners can exercise together, plan the birth centre, eat healthier food and support in the household chores. The first month of pregnancy is full of learning.

Hence, it is also important to talk about both your feelings about pregnancy and expectations. Starting pregnancy with healthy conversations can help you both maintain good communication skills and a strong connection as you go through this journey and successfully transition to parenthood together.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test

You can carry out a pregnancy test from the first day of a missed period. However, if you don’t know when your next period is due, do the test at least 21 days after your last unprotected sex. 

When To See A Doctor

If a woman takes her pregnancy test earlier than 1 week after a missed period, the test results may be negative even if she is actually pregnant. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy despite a negative test result, you should repeat the test after 1 week.

To avoid a false negative result, visit a doctor who may advise you to get a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. 

Recommended Products In Week 1

  • Week 1 is the perfect time to think about starting prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already.
  • Add some nutritious foods to your diet.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices by not drinking or using drugs and try quitting smoking. 

So while you’re experiencing the very early signs of pregnancy anticipating the journey, you and your partner can work on getting and staying healthy together.


Can a pregnancy test be positive at 1 week?

In many cases, you might get a positive from an at-home test as early as 10 days after conception.

Can you feel pregnant after 7 days?

It is possible to notice some changes after seven days. You may or may not be able to realise that you are pregnant. You can also use an ovulation calculator to check your fertile days if you’ve been trying to conceive. 

 What are the maximum days to confirm pregnancy?

It takes at least 21 days after the last unprotected sex to confirm pregnancy.

How can I tell if I’m pregnant after 1 week?

Some of the very early signs of pregnancy at 1 week include nausea, vomiting, bloating, headache, tender breasts, tiredness or fatigue. You can track your pregnancy week by week using a pregnancy calculator.



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